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  • RFID Helps Mexican University Retain, Maintain Equipment

    By Claire Swedberg

    Regiomontana is using active tags to prevent the theft of laptops and projectors, and to help keep them properly maintained.

  • Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for July

    Baird has released its July report. The 14-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

  • RFID Blooms for Dutch Flower Tracking

    European RFID and automation specialists announced that several commercial greenhouses in the Netherlands are using RFID to track, monitor, and route individual potted flowers throughout the 30-week growing process. RFID suppliers say more than three million flowers have been tracked in what they claim is a first-of-its-kind application.

  • RFID-enabled Vending Machine Dispenses Bottled Water

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The S2C AquaDuct employs RFID not only to dispense five-gallon jugs of water, but also to accept empties and process deposit refunds.

  • NCR Tags Its Own Shipments

    By Claire Swedberg

    Using its own RFID technology, point-of-sale equipment provider NCR has begun tagging cartons and pallets of the electronic products it ships to a global retailer.

  • Avery Dennison to Host Gathering of Top Executives at Apparel and Footwear Summit

    By Alexander C.H. Skorna and André Richter

    As the cornerstone sponsor of the RFID Journal—AAFA Apparel and Footwear Summit, Avery Dennison will host the invitation-only Leadership Forum to discuss critical issues related to adoption of RFID technology in the apparel and footwear sector.

  • RFID Enables Innovation in Water Jug Distribution

    Custom RFID solutions provider Northern Apex has announced its work with S2C Global Systems to add core RFID capabilities to S2C's forthcoming Aquaduct water jug dispensing and return system. RFID capabilities were a necessary feature of the Aquaduct, which S2C hopes to roll out by the thousands around North America.

  • AMA Issues Ethics Code for RFID Chip Implants

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The American Medical Association recommends that physicians disclose uncertainties about the risks of implants, add extra layers of security to protect patient privacy and support ongoing research regarding the implantation of RFID devices in human beings.

  • Westgate Logistics Focuses on RFID

    By Beth Bacheldor

    To meet the needs of Colgate-Palmolive, Target and other customers, the Australian company seeks to be at the forefront of the testing and implementation of the technology.

  • EPC RFID Competence Center Established in Germany

    GS1 Germany, along with a number of key RFID end users, has officially established the EPC Competence Center in Neuss, Germany. The center, dubbed EECC, is meant to foster the adoption of EPC-based RFID technology throughout Germany by offering technology testing and training services.

  • Using RFID to Manage Work-in-Process Is Companies' Top Objective

    By Beth Bacheldor

    In a survey by the Aberdeen Group, 57 percent of respondents said the need to manage WIP is the top driver for RFID adoption, while 41 percent cited managing raw materials.

  • New RFID Tags Help 'Call Before You Dig'

    3M introduced new RFID tags designed to be buried for identifying underground assets. The new tags use the same frequencies as traditional marker detection systems, but allow users to identify, rather than detect, underground objects and to update data on the tag.

  • RFID News Roundup

    By Andrew Price

    Microsoft announces BizTalk R2 pricing, new edition; Avery Dennison adds three inlays to portfolio; 3M unveils new utility marker tags; BT Auto-ID releases "Lite" package for pilots; National Institute for Animal Agriculture conference offers KSU RFID Technology Tour; German ID manufacturer, research institute partnering on development lab; HP, Nantero developing printable tag technology.

  • Think Tank Makes Case Against RFID Regulation

    California-based think tank PRI this week released a primer on RFID, privacy, and government efforts at legislation of the technology. The 11-page report is a worthy and concise wrap-up of the issues surrounding privacy and RFID. This article provides a recap.

  • Thai Shrimp Exporters Use RFID for Automation, Traceability

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The technology helps the companies reduce labor costs and improve the ability to trace the foods' origin and processing in the event of a product recall.

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