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  • Scandinavian Group Finds That Tracked Cod Sells Better

    By Claire Swedberg

    The Swedish eTrace project used EPC Gen 2 RFID tags and EPCIS software to document the fishes' provenance—which served to reassure consumers and thus boost sales.

  • Armored-RFID Tag Loves to Get Hammered

    By Claire Swedberg

    A new steel-shrouded UHF EPC Gen 2 tag, developed by Technologies ROI, can be welded to metal pipes or tools for the oil and gas, construction or other heavy industrial sectors, and is built to sustain abuse.

  • U.S. Marines' Blount Island Command Attaches Passive Tags to Containers

    By Claire Swedberg

    The facility responsible for maintaining equipment and supplies aboard "maritime prepositioning ships" is deploying long-range Omni-ID EPC Gen 2 tags to expedite the loading and unloading of cargo.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Nokia pledges all new smart-phone models will come with NFC; Broadcom announces plans to buy Innovision Research & Technology; 1st Choice Security Solutions and AATSI introduce transportation temperature-monitoring system; NFC Forum announces Global Competition 2010 winners; Hi-G-Tek, Navisat Telematics implement electronic tracking for cargo security; Bibliotheca to provide RFID system to 54-library consortium in N.Y.

  • To Reduce Waste, Smug Customers Use RFID Coffee Mugs

    By Claire Swedberg

    The reusable plastic mugs contain a passive high-frequency tag enabling consumers to pay for beverages and earn discounts, as well as avoid the consumption of disposable paper cups and plastic lids.

  • RFID-Powered Handhelds Guide Visitors at Shanghai Expo

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Inside the Information and Communications Pavilion, as many as 8,000 visitors at any given time are provided with "information communications terminals" that determine their locations within the building, and provide a personalized experience.

  • Despite Sluggish Growth, Taiwan's RFID Industry Remains Committed

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The nation's RFID sector is churning out new products and applications, with an emphasis on EPC Gen 2 technology.

  • New Active RFID System Strives to Eliminate the 'Overhead'

    By Claire Swedberg

    InPoint says its system—consisting of "dumb tags" that transmit only an ID number, and low-cost reader modules that plug into computers—can read and locate more than 1,000 tags per second in highly metallic environments.

  • Wurth Oy Retools Its Picking Line

    By Rhea Wessel

    The Finnish supplier of screwdrivers, drill bits and other industrial products has installed EPC Gen 2 RFID tags and readers, helping to automate order fulfillment, and plans to use the system to eliminate all paperwork from its picking process.

  • USAF Boot Camp Tracks Boots

    By Claire Swedberg

    Defense Supply Center Philadelphia is installing an RFID system to ensure U.S. Air Force recruits acquire the proper clothing and footwear for their training and active duty, as well as to track goods though the supply chain from vendors, third-party-logistics providers and military warehouses.

  • RFID News Roundup

    Omni-ID unveils Prox GS on-metal tag for IT asset tracking; Ottawa Mental Health Center adopts Ekahau RTLS to improve safety; Libelium intros wireless sensor board for agriculture; Taiwan extends EPC Gen 2 e-seals to ports around the country; TagMaster ships new UHF readers and tags, announces deal in the Netherlands.

  • Mobile RTLS Tracks Health-care Efficiency

    By Claire Swedberg

    Hartford Medical Group is using RFID/infrared technology to track the efficiency of medical visits and employees before and after installing a new electronic medical record system.

  • BASF Subsidiary Develops Better Crops Through RFID

    By Andrew Curry

    At its research greenhouse, CropDesign uses passive tags to automatically measure the health and yield of genetically modified rice plants.

  • Apollo Hospital Chennai Uses RFID to Speed Up Check-ups

    By Claire Swedberg

    The system tracks 250 patients simultaneously as they undergo dozens of diagnostic procedures in half a day, thereby improving traffic flow and saving many hours of time.

  • RFID-based Hand-Hygiene System Prevents Health-care Acquired Infections

    By Claire Swedberg

    At Princeton Baptist Medical Center, RFID-enabled hand-washing stations not only track usage, but also provide display messages to educate or entertain staff members while they sanitize their hands.

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