Winner of Lowry’s Asset-Tracking Starter Kit Announced

Bob McVay of Hamilton Beach was selected at random from new members of RFID Connect.
Published: August 9, 2012

In June and July of 2012, RFID Journal announced a promotion, in conjunction with Lowry Computer Products, in which we would give away a Lowry asset-tracking starter kit worth $10,000 to one new member of RFID Connect, selected at random. I’m pleased to announce that Bob McVay, of consumer appliances manufacturer Hamilton Beach, is the winner.

To be eligible, entrants had to become a member of RFID Connect by July 15, 2012. Bob was randomly selected from registered RFID Connect users on July 16.

Lowry Computer Products is a provider and integrator of automatic-identification and data-capture (AIDC) technology and end-to-end RFID solutions. Its Asset Control System (ACS) starter kit includes:

• Asset Control System software (1 PC user)

• 1 year of maintenance

• ACS Mobile (1 handheld user, 1 year of maintenance)

• 1 Motorola MC-3190Z handheld RFID reader (with cradle and cables)

• 500 EPC Gen 2 pre-encoded labels (measuring 4 inches by 2 inches)

• 50 Omni-ID metal-mount Prox RFID tags

• 1 live Web training session (maximum of five participants)

ACS is a comprehensive, Web-based solution designed to automate and streamline asset management, and to provide visibility and control regarding a variety of asset types. As a complete system, it utilizes RFID technology to allow quicker, more accurate asset audits, while reducing the amount of labor needed. The software is designed to be user-friendly and configurable, so it can be adapted to fit a particular company’s needs. Asset attribute information can include common types of information specifically important to each business, location or department.

With almost 10,000 members, RFID Connect is the largest RFID social network and online solutions marketplace. There is no cost to join, and the community enables business professionals to search for product solutions and jobs, as well as make introductions to other members, set up meetings, read blogs from industry leaders and more.

I hope Bob finds the kit useful, and that it helps Hamilton Beach to reduce costs and improve its asset visibility.

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