What Are the Challenges of Popularizing RFID in the Indian Auto Industry?

Published: March 25, 2010

What obstacles would businesses face in trying to promote radio frequency identification in that country?

—Name withheld


I think the biggest challenge is the same in any industry, and in any country—and that is overcoming resistance to change.

Change is risky: Projects can fail, technology can become obsolete and standards can change. Companies know they can benefit from RFID, but they don’t want to take these risks. Many CEOs would rather see the technology and standards mature further before deploying the technology in their businesses.

Having said that, there are clear benefits to using RFID to track parts bins, subassemblies, tools and vehicles. The key is to develop a solution that solves clear business problems, or that delivers a significant improvement over the status quo.

If you can pinpoint a particular problem common to all automakers and solve it, or show how RFID can greatly improve upon existing processes, I think you will find a small but growing number of companies to invest. Focusing on a solution for a single industry is a good idea, because it enables you to build a complete solution that will be more attractive to end users than a generic product.

—Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal