Use White Papers to Draw People to Your Booth

Those likely to deploy an RFID solution soon are hungry for information, so offering advice can be a way to get leads.
Published: March 10, 2015

In my last post, I wrote about using a cool demo to generate buzz at an event and draw the right attendees into your booth (see Create Buzz at an RFID Event). White papers and case studies are another way to attract potential customers to your booth.

It is important to understand that potential end users of RFID technology often have only a vague knowledge of the different types of RFID—passive high-frequency (HF) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF), active and so forth. They have almost no knowledge of which solution providers might offer the solution they need, but they are hungry for information. Offering a white paper that explains how to solve a problem with RFID is a great way to encourage people to come to your booth.

White papers should not be extremely long and complex, but they do need to be informative. They should never be just about your product or a sales pitch. Here are some generic titles that are likely to get an end user’s attention.

• Five Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying RFID in [the sector you are targeting]
• Strategies for Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of an RTLS
• Ten Tips for Creating an RFID Smart Cabinet for [the sector you are targeting]
• Training Employees to Use Your RFID System
• Squeezing Additional Benefits Out of Your RFID System for [the sector you are targeting]
• Tracking [something relevant to your target customer] With RFID: What You Need to Know

Once you have developed a good white paper, you will need to let attendees know about it. I advocate sending a personal e-mail targeted to the attendees most likely to invest in your solution (see Get the Right Leads at an RFID Event). Reaching out to the right attendees and offering them a well-produced white paper or case study will let them know that you genuinely understand their business problem or the issues needed to make their deployment a success. That will get them to your booth.

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