RFID News Roundup

Published: October 20, 2023

Fresenius Kabi releases RFID-enabled version of its Diprivan; Energous and InPlay offer sensors for Industrial IoT; Guardian RFID releases Command Cloud correctional officer experience; Anterix validates Itron LTE devices; Laird releases Vela IF820 Series for BLE upgrades.

Fresenius Kabi Releases an RFID-enabled Version of its Diprivan

Drug and medical device company Fresenius Kabi has released RFID-enabled RFID labels for its Diprivan injectable medication. Each injectable emulsion, single-dose vials, will come with a UHF tag using the GS1 EPC tag data standard. The company reports that the +RFID labels are compatible with all significant US RFID kit and tray systems. The tags are intended for use in pharmacies or healthcare centers where medications must be uniquely identified for inventory management, expiration tracking, and patient safety.

Diprivan is a Propofol anesthetic. Fresenius Kabi first introduced RFID labels for the product in 2020, intended for use with some RFID kit and tray systems. The latest version of the RFID label is certified for use with all RFID systems. The labeled vials are now available through wholesalers and directly from Fresenius Kabi.

The company tested the +RFID labels in-house, while they also were tested by The Axia Institute of Michigan State University. They were additionally certified by The ARC RFID Lab of Auburn University. The pharmaceutical and medical equipment company has also released a newly labeled Vasopressin Injection, single-dose vials, with +RFID smart labels.

Energous and InPlay Demonstrate Sensors for Industrial IoT

Wireless power company Energous has partnered with semiconductor provider InPlay Inc. – which manufactures low-power wireless communication technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market – to demonstrate a passive temperature and humidity sensor solution. This technology leverages Energous’ PowerBridge technology and InPlay’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system. The collaboration focuses on offering a reliable, low cost and energy-efficient sensor solution.

Energous’ PowerBridge technology transmits wireless power to multiple devices simultaneously, while InPlay’s NanoBeacon System on Chip (SoC) provides IIoT solution design for product manufacturers,

Guardian RFID Releases Command Cloud Correctional Officer Experience

Inmate tracking systems company Guardian RFID has released a new platform for correctional institutions known as Command Cloud. The company says Guardian RFID will offer a Command Cloud Launch Event on November 14 as a virtual demonstration and explanation of the new officer experience platform (OXP) designed to drive collaboration, insight, and technical advantage.  The platform integrates applications and services, including computer vision, machine learning, RFID, mobile, and native Cloud capabilities powered by AWS. Command Cloud works with enterprise applications, including jail management, video and inmate tracking systems, inmate tablet programs, and electronic medical record systems.

The platform is intended to optimize the capabilities and awareness of officers working in the corrections environment. The new platform includes Mobile Command XR and Mission Command.

Anterix Validates Itron LTE Devices

Licensed spectrum owner Anterix recently completed validation of Itron Inc. for its utilities and city solutions for managing energy and water for operation on Anterix’s 900 MHz private LTE spectrum. Anterix serves the United States and Puerto Rico.

Itron’s products validated for use by Anterix include its Access Point (AP 5.0), with plans for CENTRON LTE-M electric meter, Cellular 500G gas module, Cellular 500W water module, Edge Gateway, and Solar Battery AP. The AP 5.0 is also CatalyX-approved and validated for private to public networks.

By offering compatibility with Anterix’s 900 MHz spectrum, Itron is expanding its multi-transport network options so that utilities and cities can deploy and operate Itron solutions across Anterix-supported private LTE networks. Utilities can connect utility grid assets with LTE cellular communications – from meters to substations.

Anterix says it works with more than 100 technology innovators that span the industry. Itron’s solutions are used in over 100 countries, including its smart networks, services, meters, and sensors.

Laird Releases Vela IF820 Series for BLE Upgrades

Laird has released its Vela IF820 Series, a range of dual-mode, flexible modules, adapters, and DVKs that allow a single module to cover legacy Bluetooth and migration to (BLE) in one device.

The module leverages Infineon Technologies’ AIROC CYW20820 silicon and CYW20820 hardware, software, and tools with Laird’s application software, services, certification, and support.

The Vela IF820 Series is designed to help companies create devices for Bluetooth and BLE functionality or dual-mode Bluetooth IoT designs. Developers can develop new Bluetooth applications or update their legacy designs with an onboard or external antenna. This enables devices for use cases such as home automation, asset-tracking, connected medical peripherals, and IIoT sensors.