NetObjex Showcases Decentralized IoT Platform to Global Audiences

The company has been on the global stage recently, with marketing initiatives and announcements, as well as receiving recognition as a hot technology startup.
Published: October 12, 2017


NetObjex Inc, an Irvine, CA based IoT-BlockChain platform, has been on the global stage recently with marketing initiatives and announcements, as well as receiving recognition as a hot technology startup.

NetObjex participated in the Bangkok Smart Energy Hackathon in partnership with IOTA of Norway in late August 2017. NetObjex demonstrated its Smart Metering solution featuring the GlenCan smart meters interfaced with the NetObjex IoT-Blockchain platform. This solution leveraged the ultra secure, transaction-fee-less IOTA decentralized network and its MIOTA cryptocurrency, and mobile SDKs from NetObjex. This solution provides a secure, low cost alternative for smart metering to communities and municipalities globally and disintermediates middlemen by providing a direct payment option between electric utilities and consumers.

In early September 2017, NetObjex participated in the IOTIndia Congress event in partnership with Advantech of Taiwan to showcase its IoT-Blockchain platform. NetObjex founder, Raghu Bala, conducted a workshop on the use of IoT with BlockChain to packed audiences at the Park Plaza Hotel in Bengaluru, India. The event attracted some of the largest and most prestigious organizations and attendees in the Indian IT community.

Next up, NetObjex was a Grand Finalist in the Slingshot startup competition organized by Channel News Asia and Spring Singapore from September 16-20th. Spring Singaporeis an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry and works with startups to help in financing, management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets. ChannelNewsAsia is an Asian cable television news agency and news channel which reports on global developments with Asian perspectives. NetObjex was selected to be in the top 20 companies from among 900 entrants from 26 countries.

“These three events have enabled NetObjex to demonstrate its leading edge decentralized IoT platform to global audiences. As computing moves from the centralized client-server model to a more decentralized topology, the value of our platform and ecosystem has become apparent to global audiences,” said Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex.