Murata Signs RFID License Agreement with Michelin

Published: June 13, 2024
  • The agreement will see the integration of RFID tags into automotive tires, helping to advance tire management.
  • Murata will mass produce tire tags for other companies starting in January 2025.

Murata has announced a licensing agreement with Michelin, the automobile tire manufacturer, to integrate RFID tags into tires in Europe.

The RFID tags will be used to help advance tire management, sustainability, security, and traceability till the end of life within the transportation and wider automotive industry.

Murata is investing heavily in the interconnectivity and traceability of products, particularly through RFID technology. The move comes as Europe is already enforcing the Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) to the circularity of products, each of them will be issued a digital product passport (DPP) allowing their life cycle to be traced.

Working Agreement

The mandates will affect tires which must contain an RFID, an essential component to obtain a DPP. Besides sustainability, the companies noted RFID will make it possible to improve the logistics affecting the tire and automobile industry and mobility more generally.

With this new agreement, Murata will be able to produce generation 4 RFID tire tags and will have the possibility of offering the integration of RFID Tags in tires, patented by Michelin. In the future, other tire manufacturers around the world will have access to this solution mass production of these tire tags is slated to commence after January 2025.

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