Collaboration Between On, Verity Uses AI to Enhance Supply Chain Operations

Published: June 18, 2024
  • On identified Verity as their preferred partner due to the with in-depth technical expertise with artificial intelligence 
  • Verity’s drones are deployed in warehouses to enable full supply chain visibility through real-time location tracking

Two Switzerland-based companies have come together to use artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics for warehouse operations to optimize inventory management, supply chain efficiency and precision.

On, a global sportswear brand, and Verity, an AI and robotics company, new venture leverages a fleet of fully autonomous drones in warehouses to enable full operational visibility through smart, real-time inventory tracking, minimizing stockouts, misplacements, and shrinkage across the supply chain. The goal, according to company officials, is to ensure correct order fulfillment for retail and e-commerce.

“Partnering with On…is a great opportunity to apply our shared commitment to leveraging technology to meet customer expectations. said Raffaello D’Andrea, Co-Founder and CEO at Verity in a press statement announcing the deal. “We share the same goals with On, in particular that of delivering an exceptional customer experience. This synergy is further amplified by our highly robust systems, boasting better than 99.99% reliability rates.”

On, Verity Partnership

On is one of the fastest growing sportswear brands in history and seeks every technical advantage in its supply chain execution to support this growth. On identified Verity, renowned for its expertise in AI and robotics, as their preferred partner with in-depth technical expertise and a proven, intelligent and efficient system.

“We are excited to partner with Verity to transform our supply chain operations,” said Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairman at On. “Verity is a pioneering brand in the field of AI and robotics, and a perfect fit with On’s values of harnessing innovation for the benefit of the customer experience.”

Verity delivers AI-powered mobile intelligence, enabling complete operational visibility through fleets of fully autonomous drones. The drone program is used to perform millions of fully autonomous inventory checks each month in over 80 warehouses operated by different clients worldwide.

Drone Used to Monitor Supply Chain

Already live at a U.S. facility, Verity’s fleet of fully autonomous drones scans On products on a daily basis, ensuring full availability of stock for customer fulfillment. Present in more than 60 countries globally, On started in 2020 serving the premium footwear, apparel and accessories for high-performance running, outdoor, training, all-day activities and tennis. It’s CloudTec is purposeful designed within the circular economy.

Officials from both companies noted It is already improving key performance indicators (KPIs) and supporting On’s objectives as a pioneer of new, more sustainable supply chains, by reducing CO2 emissions linked to warehousing.

“By leveraging innovative technological solutions, we aim to improve our operations’ efficiency further, become a more sustainable brand, and take customer satisfaction to new heights,” said Coppetti.

Usage of AI

The collaboration’s goal is to explore new technology solutions to drive operational excellence and enhance inventory visibility, with On bringing Verity onboard with its 3PL partners.

This partnership is aimed at improving immediate product availability across On customer touchpoints—at physical stores and online—and maximizing successful order fulfillment by improving on-time and accurate deliveries.

According to Verity officials, clients see their operational issue rates reduced from 5-12 percent to less than one percent, significantly increasing their warehouses’ labor efficiency. By further digitizing On’s supply chain, Verity strengthens its data accuracy and improves the quality and speed of decision-making.

“At Verity, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI and robotics to drive operational excellence,” said D’Andrea.

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