microsensys Announces More than just a pen – The new RFID Reader PENsolid

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The perfect combination of RFID and Bluetooth technology


Erfurt • 13/03/15 • By iID®PENsolid presents microsensys another member of the RFID reader product line space. The first iID®PEN reader for the UHF frequency range will be presented alive and kicking within the framework of the international trade fair RFID Journal!, in San Diego California in mid-April 2015. The sturdy, lightweight RFID Reader with Bluetooth interface is optimal for use with the latest mobile devices in industrial environments.

The new product iID®PENsolid forms a useful complement to already established RFID readers like PENmotion and POCKETwork. Planned use in harsh industrial environments is guaranteed by the protection class IP65 and resistant plastic housing. The iID®PENsolid, initially available as a UHF device in series, reads and writes ISO 18000-6C and EPC tags and communicates via a Bluetooth connection to a HOST.

The specially completed tip of the PENsolid allows it to be used as an input device for touch screens. Likewise the forward RF antenna also allows targeted and selective communication with miniaturized UHF transponders such as the Magicstrap from Murata. Furthermore, it supports the reading of TELID® sensor transponders.

In addition, the device can also be used as a stand-alone device (data collector). In this case, the SCAN key is used to trigger the RF communication. An integrated clock and a 2MB flash memory for storing read data enable the optional storage of user data such as transponder data, time, etc. The additional E²PROM memory is especially for storing the configuration and execution scripts for programs.

Like the POCKETwork iID®PENsolid with integrated Bluetooth™ HID functionality is also available. In this way it can be easily connected in this mode as a wireless keyboard on any mobile device with the platforms Windows, Android or iOS. The operation of the key and the data output can be programmed via installed scripts. With the advanced HID options connections to your IT infrastructure can be implemented much faster. An installation of specific software is completely eliminated in HID mode.

Four different LEDs show the user the current status of the PEN readers. The bright blue LED indicates the existence of a Bluetooth connection and the orange LED indicates the status of the internal battery. The red and green LEDs at the top of the PENsolid signal the RFID status ok or fail. A buzzer emits an additional acoustic signal. The PENsolid is switched on, by pressing the On / Off button or optionally via a wake-up command in the presence of an RFID transponder in the vicinity. The internal battery of the PENsolid is charged via the Micro-USB interface and parameterizes the functions of the reader.

The development of iID®PENsolid microsensys closes the gap in the portfolio of mobile RFID reader. The current RFID read-write device in compact pen design enables mobile and contactless data acquisition in industrial applications and offers extensive features in customised applications via different operating modes. Properties such as the ergonomic housing design, intuitive usability and the simple integration into existing system environments facilitate application in daily work routines.


RFID-Read-Write-Devicce iID®PENsolid UHF, patented by microsensys

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