RFID Journal LIVE! 2021 Encore
Internet of Things On-Demand Sessions

The Future of The Internet of Things
IoT is not just a technology. It’s an avenue to an entirely new way of doing things – whether it be manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, sports, business operations, or just general daily tasks, it’s future aligns with IoT. And that’s why IoT providers need to focus on what customers want to achieve rather than what they want to sell. IoT is already generating massive return on investment, reduced costs and creating opportunities for new revenue streams. In this session, Ludovico Fassati, Vodafone’s Head of IoT will discuss the future of IoT and how the technology will transform the way business (and more) is done through data and analytics, edge computing and improved security.
Speaker: Ludovico Fassati, Head of IoT, Vodafone Americas>

Connecting the Unconnected: NFC Today
A quarter of the people on the planet – two billion people – have a near field communication (NFC) device and they probably don’t even know it. Or how to use it. NFC technology comes as a standard feature on most smartphones and is the easiest way to commission, connect and control an Internet-of-things (IoT) device or NFC tag. This presentation provides an overview on the newest IoT technology solutions and the resulting end-user experience in the IoT segment.
Key takeaways:
* Learn how NFC is playing a key role in making the Internet of Things a working reality.
* Hear real-world case studies from small IoT startups to large manufacturers, and understand how NFC is being used in retail and payments, mobility-as-a-service, identity control, transportation and automotive markets.
Speaker: Mike McCamon, Executive Director, NFC Forum

AIM Panel: Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Traceability Systems
Blockchain enables companies to record every event or transaction within a supply chain. This information then can be shared in a secure, transparent, and efficient manner. So, what is implementing a blockchain system like? AIM has put together an expert panel that can answer that by sharing their experiences and challenges in utilizing blockchain applications with AIDC technologies, such as IoT and RFID; and how it improved the traceability and reliability of information.
Speakers: Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl, Executive Vice President, CTO, CISC Semiconductor; Kevin Berisso Ph.D., Director, AutoID Lab, University of Memphis; Kris Barton, US Director of RFID, Avery Dennison

Award Finalist Session: Encouraging Regional Mobility and Reducing Environmental Impact with RFID
Worldwide, there is increasing political pressure to address climate change and the objective for many communities is to enact local initiatives in support of those goals. In this session learn how Fairville developed a system using RFID technology that rewards students for biking to school, which reduces the greenhouse gases from idling automobiles. Hear how the program launched in 2019 and is currently in place in 200 schools, with plans for future expansion.
Speakers: Tom van Hecke, CEO, Fairville; Sara Ouaich, Community Manager, Buck-e


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