Keynotes Announced for RFID Journal LIVE! 2009

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Industry leaders from Boeing, the U.S. Department of Defense, Motorola and fashion retailer Charles Voegele will deliver keynote addresses at the conference and exhibition, to be held Apr. 27-29.


Senior executives from Boeing, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Motorola and European fashion retailer Charles Vögele will deliver keynote addresses at the seventh annual RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition, which will take place on Apr. 27-29, 2009, at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in Orlando.

“We are very excited to have the leading early adopters discuss how RFID is benefiting their organizations today,” says Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal. “These leaders are showing how companies can reduce short-term costs and deliver long-term efficiencies with RFID technologies.”

RFID Journal LIVE! 2009 will feature the following keynote speakers:

• Thomas Beckmann, Charles Vögele Group’s head of supply chain: The European fashion retailer is among the first companies to track unique items from production in Asia to the point of sale in Europe. Learn how the firm deployed this end-to-end system, and the benefits it has gained from using it.

• Major General James L. Hodge, commanding general of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), at Scott Air Force Base: The DOD has deployed the most extensive active RFID visibility network, and has been deploying passive tags to extend this visibility to the case and item levels. The general will discuss how the technology is helping make the world’s most complex supply chain more efficient.

• Jerry McNerney, Motorola’s VP of strategy and business development: Motorola has been a leader in helping companies employ RFID technologies to improve business processes and streamline operations. Learn how your business can deploy RFID systems to become more competitive in these challenging economic times.

• Charles Fletcher, Boeing’s director for logistics command and control: As Boeing helps its customers manage their complex supply chains, the company has deployed radio frequency identification and other technologies to improve data collection and the ability to manage assets in motion. Hear how the aircraft manufacturer is reducing inefficiencies for its customers, as well as and in its own operations.

These speakers will top a lineup of end users who will present case studies revealing the business benefits of employing RFID, as well as objective industry experts discussing key deployment issues and strategies.

The conference’s program will focus on how all types of RFID technologies—including active, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) and passive high-frequency (HF)—can be utilized to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. RFID Journal LIVE! 2009 will feature eight industry-specific and how-to conference tracks, nine in-depth preconference seminars, fast-track CompTIA RFID+ training and certification, four colocated events and the RFID Journal Awards, as well as technology exhibits and demonstrations conducted by the leading RFID companies worldwide.

Motorola, whose RFID offerings are designed to help companies simplify deployment, lower operational costs and achieve a return on investment, will be the event’s cornerstone and registration sponsor. Microsoft will be the signature sponsor, and IBM will be the premiere sponsor. Hundreds of other leading RFID companies will exhibit at the conference as well, demonstrating their latest technology solutions. To become an exhibitor, contact

“We are proud to have attracted a stellar lineup of speakers willing to share their insights into how RFID technologies can reduce short-term costs and improve long-term efficiencies,” Roberti says. “This really is a unique opportunity to learn how companies can benefit from using RFID to become more competitive in these challenging economic times. And those who register by this Friday can save by taking advantage of early registration discounts.”