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IT/Infrastructure Expert Views

  • How Best to Prepare for the CompTIA RFID+ Exam

    Training comes in many flavors, from semester-long courses to self-study books and boot camps. Get ready for the test by first reviewing all of the available programs.

  • An Internet of Senses

    We need to build an integrated architecture that would enable organizations to share physical data collected by wireless sensor networks.

  • Increasing Read Ranges

    An EPC-compliant Gen 2 active tag is on the horizon.

  • The ZigBee Lesson

    What does the story of another low-power, low-cost radio standard tell us about the future of RFID?

  • How to Deploy a Nine-Party EPCIS Network Within Two Months

    A recent demonstration showed just how easy it is to use the Electronic Product Code Information Services standard to solve real supply chain business problems.

  • Life Without LBT

    The elimination of the listen-before-talk protocol in Europe and Japan will help dense-reader mode RFID systems—if companies protect their backscatter.

  • Opening Up the Network

    Open-source simulation software will enable the RFID community to help develop and learn to use the Internet of Things.

  • Does RFID Spell TAX?

    If the Ontario court rejects a pending appeal, any company using an RFID system within the province could be required to remit an additional tax based on the value of the RFID equipment, tags, labels and software used.

  • Tagging Smallish Objects

    By integrating an RFID antenna in the silicon chip, we can create tiny tags.

  • The Shift to Value Up Front

    Over the past year, various RFID middleware vendors have turned to offering sharply focused applications that provide immediate payback to end users.

  • RFID for Everyone

    If EPCglobal and the Near Field Communication Forum join forces, consumers could use mobile phones to access the Internet of Things.

  • Designing Discovery Services

    Search engines for the EPCglobal Network will allow companies to find and share data securely.

  • Understanding Your Asset-Tracking Options

    Each type of location-tracking technology has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here's an overview of what you should consider.

  • Moving Toward the Talking Tag

    When combined with a voice-directed work system, an RFID implementation can yield an immediate ROI.

  • Building Smart RFID Networks

    Companies need implementations that convert RFID data into business information, then send that information to the right application at the right time.

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