RFID Standards

Why is EPC Gen 2 important?

EPC Gen 2 was designed to work internationally and has other enhancements that are significant, but the real benefit of […]

Why is EPCIS important?

EPCIS provides a standard interface enabling companies in numerous industries to perform track and trace, diversion detection and product authentication. […]

What is EPC Gen 2?

Gen 2 is the shorthand name given to EPCglobal’s second-generation EPC air-interface protocol (the laungage tags and readers use to […]

What is the foundation protocol?

The term “foundation protocol” is sometimes used to describe the second-generation EPC air interface protocol, or UHF Gen 2. EPCglobal […]

What is ISO 18000-6?

ISO 18000-6 is an international standard governing the way tags and readers communicate in the UHF spectrum. There are currently […]

Are EPC standards finalized?

No. The standards development process is ongoing. The Auto-ID Center developed Class 1 and Class 0 specifications for EPC tags […]

What is the EPCIS standard?

EPCIS (the Electronic Product Code Information Service) is a specification for a standard interface for accessing EPC-related information. Electronic Product […]