If RFID has been around so long and is so great, why aren’t all companies using it?

All technologies take time to reach a level of maturity at which standards exist, uses of the technology and its benefits are well understood, systems do what users need them to do and early adopters prove the solutions work. Bar codes were invented in the 1950s. The first bar code was scanned in a store in 1974, and it took almost a decade more for the technology to be widely adopted. RFID technologies have been going through a normal evolutionary process and are clearly nearing the level of maturity at which they can be widely adopted. Standards exist for passive HF and UHF systems, and work is being done to establish industry practices for how to apply these standards. Major companies in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial manufacturing, health care, logistics and retail, have proved the technology can deliver major benefits.

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