How Is RFID Journal organized?

All news stories, features and case studies are posted on our homepage. RFID Journal articles are also organized and archived in two ways—by story type (news, Editor’s Note, Expert View, feature, case study, how-to article, blog or best practices) and by subject (distribution/logistics, innovation, IT/infrastructure, manufacturing, labeling, retailing, security, supply chain and so forth).

You can click on the various stoy types in the left-hand navigation bar to find all of the articles (regardless of subject) published in that category. If you’re interested in a specific topic, such as retailing, use the Choose a Topic pull-down menu, select retailing and click the arrow. You will come to a contents page listing one featured retailing story, and the categories under which all other retailing stories are organized. Click on news or case studies, for example, and you will find a list of all retailing news stories or case studies in that those categories.

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