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  • Calif. RFID Bill Is Unconstitutional

    By Daniel W. Perry

    Several provisions in the state’s Identity Information Protection Act of 2005 are unenforceable and likely to be invalidated by the courts.

  • Consider the Big Picture

    By Marlo Brooke

    For RFID to have real value, you'll need to address certain critical issues, both before and after its implementation.

  • Taming the Elephant

    By Elaine Mroz

    To envision your company’s RFID implementation, first visualize how RFID can improve your company’s business processes.

  • Standards Progress—It's All Relative

    By Chris Martins

    Although the pace of RFID standards development has been swift, it may also be too slow.

  • IT's Impact on RFID

    By David H. Williams

    Before your company can capitalize on RFID's benefits, your IT department needs to do a lot of planning and infrastructural upgrades.

  • The Key to Finding RFID's ROI

    By Raj Veeramani

    To attain the benefits of an RFID-enabled supply chain, companies need to understand how RFID will transform supply chain dynamics and decision-making.

  • An RFID Code of Conduct

    By Lisa J. Sotto

    Existing laws protect the privacy of patients’ medical information. But an additional layer of protection is needed before RFID technology becomes accepted in the health-care arena.

  • The Importance of Industry Parallels

    By Nicholas D. Evans

    Leverage insights and innovation from other industries to shape your strategy.

  • Security Risks With RFID

    By Darren Suprina

    Companies need to protect their data by ensuring that the RFID technology they adopt supports their corporate security policies.

  • Invest in an RFID Options Strategy

    By Michael Witty

    To extract greater value from your RFID investment, exercise your options, just as a call or put option is exercised on a stock.

  • A Bit of Privacy

    By Ari Juels

    Instead of killing RFID tags to protect consumer privacy, we could add a privacy bit.

  • ALE: A New Standard for Data Access

    By Ken Traub

    Application-Level Events, one of the first RFID software specifications EPCglobal is expected to ratify, promises great benefits.

  • Don't Get Behind the Regulatory Eight Ball

    By Ronald E. Quirk Jr.

    Ignorance of RFID regulations could delay your RFID deployment, shut down your RFID system and cause you substantial monetary losses.

  • Common Mistakes, Uncommon Best Practices

    Here are three common mistakes companies make when implementing RFID and three uncommon best practices.

  • Steady Progress Wins the Race for All

    By Mark Baum

    The biggest benefits of RFID and EPC won’t happen unless we take steps to deal with some critical challenges.

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