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Expert Views

  • Moving Toward Gen 2 RFID

    By Wolf Bielas

    How to make your implementation a success.

  • An RFID Application Developer's Wish List

    By Mihir Mohan

    In order to take the technology to the next level, application developers need access to low-cost simulated RFID platforms.

  • Switching Off Credit Card Fraud

    By Prasad Paturi

    If a simple switch were added to contactless payment cards, the potential to steal credit card information could be greatly curtailed.

  • What I Wish I Had Known

    By Buffy Dorpinghaus

    The RFID project I managed was ultimately successful, but there were a few lessons I learned the hard way.

  • Gen 2—The Tough Questions, Part 2

    By Chris Diorio

    One of the architects of EPCglobal's Generation 2 standard addresses end users’ concerns regarding Gen 2-based tags and readers.

  • Gen 2—The Tough Questions, Part 1

    By Chris Diorio

    One of the architects of EPCglobal's Generation 2 standard addresses end users' concerns regarding Gen 2-based tags and readers.

  • RFID and China

    By Harold Clampitt

    As rulers of the world’s largest potential RFID market, Chinese leaders view the setting of RFID standards as critical to its economic strategy.

  • Think Infrastructure

    By Toby Rush

    Radio frequency identification is an infrastructure technology, and that's why so many people have failed to grasp its importance—and see where the ROI is.

  • To Win RFID Talent, Be Creative

    By Shel Myeroff

    The growth in RFID is creating a shortage of RFID professionals, but you can use inventive hiring strategies to beef up your workforce.

  • Calif. RFID Bill Is Unconstitutional

    By Daniel W. Perry

    Several provisions in the state’s Identity Information Protection Act of 2005 are unenforceable and likely to be invalidated by the courts.

  • Consider the Big Picture

    By Marlo Brooke

    For RFID to have real value, you'll need to address certain critical issues, both before and after its implementation.

  • Taming the Elephant

    By Elaine Mroz

    To envision your company’s RFID implementation, first visualize how RFID can improve your company’s business processes.

  • Standards Progress—It's All Relative

    By Chris Martins

    Although the pace of RFID standards development has been swift, it may also be too slow.

  • IT's Impact on RFID

    By David H. Williams

    Before your company can capitalize on RFID's benefits, your IT department needs to do a lot of planning and infrastructural upgrades.

  • The Key to Finding RFID's ROI

    By Raj Veeramani

    To attain the benefits of an RFID-enabled supply chain, companies need to understand how RFID will transform supply chain dynamics and decision-making.

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