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  • Self-Service Border Control

    By Jonathan Collins

    Portugal is taking advantage of a global RFID standard to bring benefits to its government and travelers entering the country.

  • If at First You Don't Succeed

    By Kevin Ashton

    Companies should keep an open mind about RFID applications.

  • The T5 Debacle

    By Jonathan Collins

    Airports don't have to wait for a global system to benefit from RFID baggage tagging at individual terminals.

  • Dutch RFID Interference Study Is a Worst-Case Test

    By Martin Payne

    A recent study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association is not in line with the reality of most current hospital RFID deployments.

  • Business-Friendly Tools

    By Mark Harrison

    An enhanced track-and-trace system will allow organizations to make sense of supply-chain and life-cycle information.

  • The ZigBee Lesson

    By Kevin Ashton

    What does the story of another low-power, low-cost radio standard tell us about the future of RFID?

  • How to Deploy a Nine-Party EPCIS Network Within Two Months

    By Ken Traub

    A recent demonstration showed just how easy it is to use the Electronic Product Code Information Services standard to solve real supply chain business problems.

  • A Blueprint for Success

    By Jonathan Collins

    As some European companies shift from trials to deployment, they're developing a corporate plan for RFID adoption.

  • Life Without LBT

    By Jin Mitsugi

    The elimination of the listen-before-talk protocol in Europe and Japan will help dense-reader mode RFID systems—if companies protect their backscatter.

  • Could NFC Fail to Take Off?

    By Jonathan Collins

    Europe is home to some of the few live Near Field Communication rollouts, but they remain small and services are limited.

  • New Ear Tags for Animals

    By Peter Cole

    Low-cost HF and UHF identification tags for cattle, pigs and chickens could speed up RFID adoption in the livestock industry.

  • Opening Up the Network

    By Abel Sanchez

    Open-source simulation software will enable the RFID community to help develop and learn to use the Internet of Things.

  • Cashless in Europe

    By Jonathan Collins

    Will London's consumers and businesses embrace RFID payment systems? European contactless providers want to know.

  • Does RFID Spell TAX?

    By Jonathan Spencer

    If the Ontario court rejects a pending appeal, any company using an RFID system within the province could be required to remit an additional tax based on the value of the RFID equipment, tags, labels and software used.

  • Tagging Smallish Objects

    By Hao Min

    By integrating an RFID antenna in the silicon chip, we can create tiny tags.

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