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  • Try It—You'll Like It!

    By Bill Hardgrave

    The RFID Lab's annual state-of-adoption report of U.S. retailers shows companies that trial and pilot RFID solutions for inventory management are deploying them.

  • How to Be a Successful Label Leader

    By Doug Harvel

    The best way to ensure that your company's RFID implementation will be a success is to involve key business and IT members.

  • An RTLS Self-Exam

    By Ygal Bendavid and Harold Boeck

    Hospitals that ask the right questions can make a smart decision when choosing a real-time location system.

  • Big RFID Data Software

    By Ken Traub

    End users and solution providers must work together to realize business value from massive amounts of information.

  • Turn Traditional 'Reserved Book' Management Into an Intelligent Service

    By Ling Chang

    An affordable way for a library to start an RFID deployment is to create a reserved-books section that functions as a small, independent, automated library inside the main facility.

  • Disappointed in RFID Adoption?

    By Jack Romaine

    The industry needs to look beyond price and fix these other issues.

  • Shopping the Planet

    By Bill Hardgrave

    RFID enables retailers to turn local inventory into global inventory.

  • Putting a Stylish Face on RFID Tags

    By George Hoffman

    By adopting integrated RFID hangtags, the apparel industry can achieve an attractive branded look and lower tagging costs.

  • To RTLS or Not to RTLS

    By Harold Boeck and Ygal Bendavid

    The question of whether to deploy a real-time location solution doesn't have to be so weighty.

  • The Growing Use of RTLS by Manufacturers

    By Akshay Reddy

    Manufacturing companies are looking to real-time location systems to improve their operational efficiency and lower operational costs by tracking equipment, goods, materials, work orders, safety, assembly lines, distribution and other growing applications.

  • Pretesting Software Speeds Deployments

    By Ken Traub

    Before you go live with an RFID system, make sure your field and enterprise software are working the way they should.

  • Five Tips to Having a Great Show at LIVE!

    By Sonja Valenta

    Steps you can take now to ensure that you get the most out of your exhibition at the event.

  • Get Hip to BOPIS

    By Bill Hardgrave

    Retailers must adopt an omnichannel mentality and put processes in place to support it.

  • A Bag Full of Thumbs

    By Robert Doswell

    Do we want to live in a world where people implant chips under their skin so they can access a building's doors, photocopiers and other systems?

  • Hospitals Embrace Passive Applications

    By Harold Boeck and Ygal Bendavid

    Health-care managers pave their own path to RFID adoption.

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