Shandong Taibao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Products Co., Ltd.

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As a leader of China’s anti-counterfeit industry, Taibao Group has actively built a high-end research platform, carried out cooperation with domestic famous universities, set up four provincial technical research centers and established an academician workstation and a post-doctoral research station. Moreover, it has made 500 or more scientific research achievements with independent proprietary intellectual property rights, formed a complete industrial chain ranging from label to material and package. Taibao Group is also equipped with a world advanced closed anti-counterfeit production line as well as world-class production facilities and can produce 15 billion high-performance anti-counterfeit marks, which wins Taibao Group the name of China’s largest anti-counterfeit mark production base. Taibao Group anti-counterfeit products include general marks, electronic anti-counterfeit marks, tear-off marks, scratch-type marks, logistics anti-counterfeit integration marks, electronic supervision codes, anti-counterfeit bills, cards, RFID electronic anti-counterfeit labels, etc. and can meet demands for anti-counterfeit in different areas. Currently, Taibao Group mainly provides top-grade omnibearing and comprehensive product anti-counterfeit and logistics informatization management service for more than 10,000 varieties of products produced by 3,000 or more outstanding domestic enterprises, such as Sinopec, Shanghai Volkswagen, Guizhou Maotai, Sichuan Wuliangye, Luzhou Old Cellar, Qingdao Beer, Zhejiang Quick and Yunyan Cigarette.