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Imagine a wireless technology enabling to make « connectable » your existing devices, easily and for a long time!
From this starting idea, we have developped from 2000 a wide range of « tags » and wireless sensors whose the key strength is to detect, identify any person or object and to provide measurement datas for more than 10 years !
This range of products today provides a technological answer to integrators and solution providers both for our daily needs and for many industrial applications : location and counting of workers inside high-risk sites , Cold Chain traceability, asset tracking and security, energy monitoring for buildings, pedestrian security around dangereous equipments, real time location system for assets and people, …
Building on the success of our COIN family, we recently introduced on the market our new wireless RFID motion sensor COIN MOV and our new magnetic sensor COIN MAG. These two new devices complete our existing COIN family, already composed of the COIN ID for identification and location, the COIN T for temperature monitoring, the COIN RH for humidity monitoring.
Their strongest advantages to meet this requirement of connectivity are their compact form factor with a 36-mm diameter, their robustness, a range up to 80m, an easy way to install and use, and above all A VERY LONG LIFECYCLE GOING UP TO 10 YEARS!
By breaking totally with the new wireless communication technologies, recently used but still energy consuming, our technology provides for instance a transmission range twice higher than the i-Beacon (BTE) technology, for a power consumption 3 times lower!
More and more markets integrating our technology and our international development strategy are our 2 main growth drivers which enable to reach a growth higher than 60% and a 2-digit profitability rate.