Kenneth Morgan


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Ken Morgan has more than 36 years of experience in the military, commercial and government sectors, and is well versed in the use and application of mobile and other emerging technologies. He is the Air Force Mobility and End User Device Portfolio manager, charged with the development and management of the Enterprise Mobility and End User Device Portfolios in alignment with the DoD Enterprise Service Management Framework. The portfolios encompass more than 800,000 devices impacting 1.7 million end users. Ken leads and develops mobility and end-user device strategies, service plans and policies to ensure the interoperability and integration of mobility services to increase the effectiveness of Air Force core missions, increase cyber-security of Air Force information systems and drive efficiencies through innovative information technology and cyberspace solutions. He coordinates with MAJCOMs and other Air Force system owners about impacts of higher-level objectives, guidance and policies; coordinates and works with the DoD CIO, Defense Information Systems Agency, the joint community, sister services, the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves to gather lessons learned and look for opportunities for unity of effort; provides results of studies, analyses and evaluations to counterpart agencies to share experiences and thereby improve overall defense level planning; and provides background information and prepares and presents written and oral reports, responses to inquiries, background papers and decision briefs in response to Air Staff, OSD, Congressional and others.