Using RFID to Improve the In-Store Customer Experience

By Doug

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An athletic apparel store is using an automated system to attract customers to its products by means of an RFID-enabled video display and hotspot, and RFID-enabled prize cards distributed on the streets. The solution uses wireless technology to trigger content for shoppers, and it also collects data about the popularity of the displayed shoes, based on the number of times each one is moved. The firm installed a 9-foot-wide, floor-to-ceiling wall display, with shelving on which a dozen shoes were placed. If a shopper picks up a shoe of interest on the display, the system updates the server regarding the action that has taken place. The software collects each read event indicating movements of the products throughout the day, and enables the store to then compare that data with actual purchases at the point of sale. It also triggers a large image of the shoe to be shown on a 42-inch touch screen next to the display. Text on the screen instructs the shopper to place the shoe on the RFID hotspot—the counter beneath the screen—to learn more about that model