Turning RFID Leads into Revenue

Turning RFID Leads into Revenue

RFID usage is increasing sharply across all vertical markets, supporting both traditional and modernizing applications, such as automatic identification, location, sensing, machine-to-machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Understanding the leading RFID market trends, use cases and opportunities is a key factor in generating and nurturing high-quality leads.

However, if your salespeople are complaining that they’re not getting the leads they need to drive new business, you are not alone. That’s because traditional marketing programs tend to deliver quantity leads over quality, and few RFID sales professionals are interested in pursuing piles of unqualified leads that run into dead-ends. The challenge is to attract and engage the right leads in the first place—and to then effectively manage and nurture those leads through the sales process to conversion.

Spectrum Marketing & Communications and Carabiner Communications have teamed up to create a webinar that can help RFID solutions providers close the lead-to-revenue gap between their marketing and sales groups.

This webinar will include practical, how-to insight into how to leverage the strengths of your sales and marketing teams, pinpoint your market, create the right content for the right stage, deliver effective messaging for the target audience, and manage an optimally effective and efficient lead-to-revenue process.

Join us to learn effective strategies for getting leads and turning them into revenue, including:

• Where and how to find high-quality leads
• How to consistently convert those leads
• The ROI you can expect through higher conversion rates