Madshus Embeds RFID Tags in Skis to Deliver Customized Performance

By Doug

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Madshus, the world’s leading-performance Nordic ski company, is embedding Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID inlays in its skis during manufacturing. Madshus’ empower technology was developed to improve quality control during the production process, help the brand build better product to meet specific construction specs, deliver an improved ski-selection experience at retail, and offer its consumers the opportunity for customized and improved on-snow performance. To achieve this, Madshus embedded passive NFC RFID tags into each ski. As the ski is built, its unique signature is created; Madshus then stores the collected data on its server, linked to the tags’ ID numbers, throughout the manufacturing process. Customers are then able to access data about each ski prior to making a purchase. After selecting the best ski for their given profile, customers can interact with their products on the fly through their mobile phones using the coinciding Madshus empower app.