How Leading Global Retailers and Brand Owners Capture Solid ROI With RFID. Lessons Learned from Latest Retail RFID Deployments With SML.

By Doug

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SML Group has successfully deployed RFID for many of the world’s largest and most influential retailers, including Tesco, American Apparel, Marks & Spencer, Decathlon and more. Learn best practices, advice and tips gleaned from these deployments directly from Dean Frew, SML Group’s Senior VP for RFID solutions and chief technology officer. Frew will share details from specific business cases and outline proven results achieved through numerous enterprise-class retail deployments, identifying the major ways in which RFID is delivering significant value for leading retailers and brand owners.

No other technology offers a more compelling return on investment for a retailer than implementing RFID within its stores. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain vital insights from real-life retail deployments, enabling your business to ramp up quickly and efficiently, reap maximum rewards and capture a solid ROI.