GS1 US Item Level RFID Workgroup Update

By Doug

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Adoption of EPC-enabled item-level RFID has seen steady growth in the retail sector since the industry began piloting it in late 2008. Since then, adoption has reached a tipping point, with more than 73 percent of retail trading partners either currently implementing or piloting the technology, according to the “Kurt Salmon RFID in Retail Study 2016” report. Within the GS1 US Item Level RFID Workgroup, a team of dedicated brands, retailers, and solution and technology partners have continually collaborated to support the development of retail-specific, value-driving use cases that demonstrate the efficacy of EPC-enabled RFID technology on global source-to-consumer supply chain business processes. In 2017, this effort continues with additional peer-sharing and dedicated research to support the supplier ROI model. This session will provide an update on the extensive work taking place in the workgroup and in industry. Hear how RFID is being used to power today’s frictionless unified commerce retailing strategies, and how it provides the foundation for inventory management efficiency and future business growth.