Brand Improves Supply Chain Visibility Via RFID

By Doug

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A fashion brand has doubled the efficiency of the intake and shipping of its apparel as the garments are processed at the company’s three distribution centers, while its tagged clothing can also be read at some stores by customers looking to learn more about the products. Following the RFID solution’s installation at all three DCs, employees are now able to handle 380 to 400 items per hour. Previously, when shipping goods to retailers, the DCs could process only 140 products hourly, but they now can ship out approximately 330. The RFID system has also increased accuracy, thereby ensuring that incorrect products are not shipped to retailers, and that out-of-stocks are less likely to occur due to inaccurate inventory counts. Learn how the company uses RFID at some stores to display product information, thereby encouraging sales. When a customer carries clothing past informational video totems located near the dressing room entrances at one of its stores, two LCD touch screens play videos of models wearing the clothing, and offer advice regarding other items or accessories that might combine well with that garment.