Best in Show

By Doug

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This award will be given to the company that exhibits the best new RFID product or service at RFID Journal LIVE!. An indpendent panel of judges, has selected 10 finalists. Each will speak for a few minutes about their product. The 2014 finalists are:

  • HID Global, for its HID Trusted Tag platform, which can be embedded into a mobile phone, enabling authentication for “proof of presence”
  • Farsens, for its Pyros UHF battery-free sensor that can record the temperatures of tagged products or assets
  • Hewlett-Packard Center of Excellence, for its automated rotating RFID portal that uploads data to the cloud
  • Information Mediary Corp., for its Med-ic Smart Label, which addresses the problem of patient non-compliance with prescription medication
  • Kathrein RFID, for its Kathrein Reader Antenna Interface (KRAI) technology and Smart Shelf system that can link 32 antennas to a single KRAI reader without a multiplexer
  • Mojix, for its OmniSenseRF wide-area fixed RFID infrastructure for retail inventory tracking and management
  • NXP Semiconductors, for its NTAG I2C (NFC Connected Tag), which offers both an NFC interface and a I2C connected interface, allowing the tag to communicate with the microcontrollers of other electronic devices
  • Omni-ID, for its View 10 visual RFID tag, which stores a manufacturer’s build books and uses RFID location data to trigger instructions
  • ThingMagic, for its Mercury xPRESS Platform, a complete hardware, software and reference design platform for the rapid development of low-cost, high-performance application-specific UHF RFID readers and embedded solutions
  • Zebra Technologies, for its ZD500R compact UHF RFID printing and encoding solution