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EPC Technology Expert Views

  • Use Your EPC to Indicate Country of Origin

    By employing a simple coding scheme, you can quickly identify where items in your supply chain were manufactured, and ensure that your customs declarations are accurate.

  • Organizing the Internet of Things

    It may be too late to bring back EPCglobal's Object Naming Service, but we sure could use it now.

  • A New EPC on the Block

    GS1 has developed an RFID standard for identifying automotive components and parts.

  • Uniting IoT Networks

    Integrating EPC and IPv6 wireless standards will enable the Internet of Things.

  • Managing Big (RFID) Data

    Retailers tracking unique items via radio frequency identification are concerned about how to take advantage of all the data they collect. A recent MIT-sponsored event began to address this issue.

  • Using RFID and Bar Codes Together

    By starting with the right data format, it's easy to achieve interoperability in business applications.

  • Next-Generation EPCIS

    Planned enhancements to the EPC Information Services standard will improve traceability for nonserialized items and transformation processes.

  • Encrypt Instead of 'Kill'

    A dual-mode EPC RFID tag works in the supply chain and secures data after an item is purchased.

  • Will Chip-Based Serialization Lock Suppliers into a Single Chip Vendor?

    A recent agreement among chipmakers is designed to enable apparel suppliers and others to use RFID tags with different chips, but you should look at the issues carefully before opting for serialization solutions that employ the tag ID.

  • RFID's Untapped Potential

    Analyzing aggregated data can improve our understanding of processes.

  • Passive, Yet Worldly, Tags

    EPC Gen 2 on-metal tags feature consistent read rates across regions, so they can track assets globally.

  • Behold the Weldable Metal Tag!

    Step right up, my friends, and marvel at the EPC Gen 2 UHF passive RFID inlay hidden within a stainless-steel shell. You'll wonder: How does he do it?

  • Tracking Goods and Sensors

    A new air interface protocol that connects RFID sensors with the EPCglobal network will play a pivotal role in realizing the Internet of Things.

  • A Decade of Progress

    An RFID evangelist, cheerleader and agent provocateur shares his views on the industry's failures and successes during the past 10 years.

  • A Tool for All Industries

    Will today's technology be able to handle tomorrow's huge RFID data volumes?

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