Entering the Blogosphere

By Mark Roberti

RFID Journal has introduced a blog to provide readers with insights that might not find a place in our news and feature stories.

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I’ve always thought being a journalist was the greatest job on earth. You get to call up really smart people, ask them lots of questions and then share their answers with the rest of the world. Alas, the demand of running a rapidly growing media company doesn’t let me write as much as I’d like. So I’ve decided to enter the blogosphere with the RFID Journal Blog.

The best blogs, in my view, are those in which the writer provides information and insights in a personal and informal way. I often bump into someone at an event where I’m speaking. I’ll have a short conversation about an issue an end user is facing, learn about a new RFID application or get some insights into the rate of adoption in a particular industry.

When one of these conversations warrants a full-blown news story, I usually let one of our reporters know because I often don’t have the time to research and write an article and then go through the process of checking facts and clarifying issues with a follow-up interview. (I know that most Web sites don’t bother with these things, but they are standard operating procedure here at RFID Journal.)

Often, such conversations don’t lead to a news story, either because the person I spoke to doesn’t want to be quoted directly or there’s not enough information available. But these insights are still valuable, and a blog provides a way for me to share them with you. I’ll also use the blog to share random thoughts—and occasionally vent my spleen.

Mary Catherine O’Connor, our associate editor in the United States, and Jonathan Collins, our Europe editor, will contribute to the blog when they’re not too busy chasing down news stories. The blog also gives you a chance to comment. We’ve kept it open, so you don’t have to register. Just enter you name and e-mail address and post a message. I hope you will share your insights and thoughts.

Mark Roberti is the founder and editor of RFID Journal. If you would like to comment on this article, click on the link below.