Brazilians Bet on IoT at Work

A survey recently released shows that 81 percent of Brazilian professionals interviewed believe that their current work environments will be adequate in up to five years for the use of Internet of Things technologies. Through the IoT, objects become connected in order to exchange information with tracking systems and each other, enabling them to make intelligent decisions without requiring human intervention.

The finding is part of a global study sponsored by Dell and Intel, called the Future Workforce Study. The survey, conducted by research firm Penn Schoen Berland, questioned 3,800 professionals from small, medium and large companies throughout 10 countries, including Brazil.

The main benefit in the use of the IoT in the workplace, cited by 60 percent of respondents in Brazil, is the use of more innovative technologies at companies. Fifty-seven percent of Brazilians indicated that these solutions should facilitate the connection of wireless equipment to share information and connect them to each other.

Thirty-seven percent indicated that technologies should allow for a more efficient use of energy; 36 percent believe that such systems tend to allow better use of workspaces; and 23 percent responded that the Internet of Things will allow environments to adapt to individual preferences, in terms of temperature, food, table and layout. When questioned about the current work environment, 47 percent of Brazilians said they believe their offices are not yet smart enough, while 41 percent said their offices are adequate and only 10 percent said they work in smart offices.

The study indicated that 89 percent of professionals in Brazil consider it important that an ideal work environment have technologies allowing employees to interact remotely. The survey also mapped the main equipment used in the daily lives of professionals. In Brazil, desktop computers were cited by 84 percent of respondents, followed by smartphones (60 percent), notebooks (55 percent), tablets (37 percent), 2-in-1 notebooks (31 percent) and mobile phones (30 percent).

The majority of Brazilians (82 percent) said they consider it important to use personal equipment—such as computers, tablets and smartphones—to carry out professional activities. When questioned about the use of corporate equipment for personal purposes, 42 percent of Brazilians admitted that they use a working notebook, tablet or smartphone to access social networks, while the same percentage (42 percent) make online purchases and payments of accounts with devices. Another 19 percent download or play videos, music and photos, with 16 percent talking to friends or colleagues.