ASPIDER-NGI Launches IoT Solution for Global Connectivity

By IOT Journal

The company's goal is to let organizations change operators without a SIM swap, lowering the cost of switching and removing an obstacle to large-scale deployments.

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ASPIDER-NGI, provider of independent mobile solutions for managing IoT connectivity, has announced availability of IoT eConnect: an integrated IoT solution that provides instant global access to connectivity without the contractual and technical lock-ins.

“We have taken a new approach to disrupt the connectivity market,” says Jan Mooijman, CEO ASPIDER-NGI. “Companies face huge barriers in getting the IoT connectivity they need: 2 year lock-ins, unchangeable price plans, minimum monthly fees, termination penalties… the industry is still following the traditional lock-in of voice oriented sales models.” Jan continued, “Our goal is to let organizations change operators without a SIM swap, reducing the high cost of switching and also removing a major obstacle to large scale deployments.”

“This kind of change is long overdue,” stated Jan van Alphen from BTG: one of the largest telecom & ICT Industry associations ( “We hear the horror stories from companies that end up with thousands of SIMs that they cannot use for other projects – but they still have to pay the monthly fees for the remaining years. “The more we can get the industry to follow the ASPIDER-NGI lead, the better.”

IoT eConnect removes all these barriers with instant online access, simple controls to activate, control and analyse, all from a company that has years of experience delivering connectivity solutions to the big operators and integrators. But the key value is in the open, transparent way that IoT eConnect breaks the traditional commercial lock-ins:

• Activate and deactivate SIMs when you want
• Pay only for what you use only on active SIMs
• Flexibility on price plans and bundle sharing – change price plans when you want
• Optimal coverage means that you can use and choose the coverage per country
• And it is your SIM – you keep it and can change the operator when you want

IoT eConnect includes eSIM technologies from partnership between ASPIDER-NGI and OT Morpho that removes the need for future SIM swaps. “We are seeing more and more businesses taking control over their connectivity using the industry standard eSIM technology,” said Michel Zwijnenberg, VP of IoT at ASPIDER-NGI. “We decided early on that every SIM we ship with IoT eConnect will be an eSIM, and eSIM creates some great partnership opportunities for integrators, embedded apps and resellers.”