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RFID News Roundup

HID Global extends its SlimFlex RFID EPC tag portfolio, with pliable square tag; Delo intros new die-attach adhesive aimed at RFID industry; Pacific Medical Centers expands Versus Advantages RTLS to Totem Lake clinic; Monitex brings RF Code's active RFID technology to Australia; SES RFID expands into NFC market; Trapeze Group acquires RFind; Datamars launches UHF RFID system for textile-services, health-care, hospitality markets.
SES RFID Expands into NFC Market
SES RFID Solutions GmbH, a manufacturer of standard and customer-specific RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC) transponders, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, has announced that it is expanding into the NFC market. Using its patented flat-inlay technology with high-quality copper-wound antennas, SES RFID Solutions produces robust and flexible tags, cards and sheets available in thicknesses of less than 0.3 millimeter (0.12 inch), the company reports. New to its lineup are mobile-phone stickers with a pre-punch card option for smartphones and inkjet-printable labels. The mobile-phone stickers are specifically designed to allow consumers to access NFC services. The self-adhesive stickers measure less than 0.6 millimeter (0.24 inch) in thickness. According to the company, the stickers are available in three standard formats—48 millimeters by 25 millimeters (1.9 inches by 1 inch), 44 millimeters by 22 millimeters (1.7 inch by 0.9 inch), and 28 millimeters by 19 millimeters (1.1 inches by 0.5 inch)—and can be delivered with chips compliant with the NFC and ISO 14443 standards. The integrated ferrite shield layer ensures communication between the sticker and an NFC reader system, even when placed on metallic surfaces or directly onto a mobile-phone battery, SES RFID Solutions reports, and optional services include custom sizes, full-color printing and chip programming or personalization. The firm also offers its Pre-punch NFC Card Series for customers looking to personalize the mobile sticker by means of a standard ISO card printer. After being programmed and printed, the mobile sticker can be broken off from the ISO card body and attached to the mobile phone. This option allows users to complete low-volume and individual personalization on standard card equipment, the company explains. The NFC-Ink Jet Printable Label Series XX SCIP labels are delivered in a three-by-three layout on an A4-size sheet. The self-adhesive labels can be printed using common office inkjet and laser printers. Options include a three-by-three or six-by-six layout and chip programming.

Trapeze Group Acquires RFind
Trapeze Group, a solutions provider offering software, intelligent transportation systems and mobile technologies for the transportation industry, has announced that it has acquired the assets of RFind Systems, a British Columbia, Canada, supplier of a real-time location system (RTLS) that leverages active RFID technology. The acquisition, according to Trapeze, will help to expand the company's transit enterprise solution offering with RTLS for vehicles and moveable assets. RFind was founded in 2005, and its RTLS solution is designed for the real-time tracking and location of vehicles, buses and train cars within depots and yards, transit terminals and hubs, as well as in maintenance facilities and along fixed routes (see Trailer Maker Uses RFID to Stay Lean and RFID Provides Utility Company With Real-Time Visibility). The RFind solution utilizes received signal strength indicator (RSSI) technology and advanced algorithms to locate an asset within an inch, and can be configured to operate at different frequencies (868 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in North America). The solution enables passenger transport organizations to track fleets in real time—even in typical blind spots, such as in terminals, in parking and maintenance yards, and along fixed routes running underground. In addition, the solution enables agencies to automate driver assignments, track pull-outs and monitor schedule adherence, all while using that data to keep the traveling public informed regarding vehicle arrival times via real-time updates.

Datamars Launches UHF RFID System for Textile-Services, Health-Care, Hospitality Markets
Datamars, an RFID solutions provider headquartered in Switzerland, has announced the availability of its complete line of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID solutions compatible with the EPC Gen 2 specification. The solutions, which include tags, readers, antennas and portals, are designed for industrial laundries, hospitals, health-care and long-term-care facilities, hotels, resorts, spas, casinos and party-rental companies. New to Datamars' LaundryChip line is the Novo, a passive UHF tag that delivers read ranges of up to 12 feet (3.7 meters) without requiring a direct line of sight. The Novo is available in a standard version that can be sewn into a pouch or hem, as well as in a heat-sealable model. According to Datamars, the Novo was designed specifically to meet the rigors of high-volume, high-pressure wash workflows, and is able to withstand the special requirements of flat-linen laundry processes, with its higher levels of water-extraction presses and heat from the latest commercial ironers. Datamars' LaundryChip family of passive tags includes the Orion and Tara models, which are available in various sizes and frequencies. Datamars' single channel and multi-port UHF readers are available with antennas, which the company says allows for flexible installations compatible with both corporate IT infrastructures and sheltered outdoor environments. Datamars also offers a USB reader that facilitates the desktop reading and writing of EPC Gen 2 tags. A customizable, modular UHF portal solution is also available.

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