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RFID News Roundup

UPM RFID debuts a bunch of new UHF RFID tags; Voyantic announces upgrades to reader tester and measurement software; Omni-ID launches family of RFID tags for tracking tools, rental equipment; InSync Software unveils Sapphire iApp Platform 4.0 for RFID-, GPS- and sensor-driven solutions; Metalcraft offers double-sided variable printing for RFID and bar-code products; CipherLab intros UHF handheld Bluetooth RFID reader; CAEN RFID's integrated UHF RFID USB/Bluetooth interrogator; InfoChip's tiny HF Bluetooth reader, embeddable UHF tag; Jolly supports Zebra Technologies' UHF RFID printers.
InSync Software Unveils Sapphire iApp Platform 4.0 for RFID-, GPS- and Sensor-Driven Solutions
RFID software and sensor-driven applications provider InSync Software has announced the release of iApp Sapphire, its iApp 4.0 application platform for RFID-, GPS-and sensor-driven asset-tracking and -management applications. The software is designed to help businesses locate and track mission-critical assets in the field, improve safety and traceability within the nation's food supply, and maintain efficiency in construction and manufacturing. The new release supports a greater number of devices, and features improved integration capabilities. For example, it now provides GPS device support out of the box, letting customers add location-tracking features to their applications, such as historical reporting, alerts and other services associated with GPS tracking. According to the company, the iApp Sapphire GPS-configuration dashboard enables system operators to more quickly set up and define routes, geo-fences, time-fences, and standard and custom alerts. GPS vehicle-tracking visibility can be improved further through the vehicle telemetry feature, which records vehicle speed, direction and ignition on and off. Using these features and utilities, InSync reports, a user can more easily configure systems so that when assets are detected outside of specified routes or areas, alerts or instructions (such as directions) can be issued to the wayward driver. iApp Sapphire's mobile development and management utility has also been expanded to include smartphone support. It now supports the iOS and Android smartphone platforms, in addition to Microsoft Windows Mobile, extending iApp-powered asset-tracking and -management applications to users' phones, tablets and other mobile devices. The new iApp Sapphire release adds "kitting" processes to its library of prebuilt workflows, including maintenance and inspection. This feature is especially relevant for customers deploying aerospace or automotive parts-tracking, tool-tracking, and other manufacturing and assembly applications, according to InSync Software. iApp Sapphire has more than a dozen natively supported and configurable kitting constructs, enabling businesses to incorporate their kitting processes, and to configure and deploy asset-tracking applications that include paired assets, parent-child relationships and groups. In addition, iApp Sapphire has added several capabilities for the load-balancing and partitioning of applications, so that a single app can span a server farm, or multiple applications can coexist on a single iApp installation. Live demonstrations of the iApp Sapphire platform will be shown in Booth 310 at RFID Journal LIVE 2012!, being held next week in Orlando, Fla.

Metalcraft Offers Double-Sided Variable Printing for RFID and Bar-Code Products
Metalcraft has announced new capabilities in its production processes that enable the printing of variable data on both sides of its ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) hangtags, rearview mirror tags and windshield tags, as well as other RFID and bar-code products for a range of tracking and control applications. "Metalcraft is responding to requests to print the same information on both sides of our durable RFID products," said Steve Doerfler, Metalcraft's president, in a prepared statement. "Our new printing techniques reflect Metalcraft's commitment to adding value to our low-cost ID solutions." According to Metalcraft, the company's RFID Hang Tag is suitable for asset-tracking applications on metal or non-metal surfaces that do not allow for attachment directly to an asset. The inlay is completely encapsulated within the tag, thereby protecting it from environmental conditions that could have an adverse effect on the tag's performance and lifespan. Hangtags are attached to the asset using mechanical fasteners, rather than via an adhesive. Metalcraft's RFID Windshield Tag and Rearview Mirror Tag are designed for access control in parking lots, gated communities and other locations where vehicles come and go. The Rearview Mirror Tag is subsurface-printed on thick polyester for durability and rigidity, Metalcraft reports, and is suitable for temporary access-control applications, as it is completely removable and reusable. The RFID Windshield Tag provides a read range of more than 30 feet, and adheres directly to the glass; its passive UHF RFID technology is encapsulated between thin layers of polyester for improved durability and readability. The company will debut the products and make samples available in Booth 1106 at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012, being held next week in Orlando, Fla.

CipherLab Intros UHF Handheld Bluetooth RFID Reader
CipherLab USA has introduced its 1861 Handheld Bluetooth RFID Reader, an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) interrogator designed for applications in warehouse operations, logistics, manufacturing and retail operations. The device is compliant with the ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen 2 standards, and can be used as a supplement to CipherLab's own 8400 or 9600 series of mobile computers and many other Bluetooth-enabled mobile computers. The 1861 Handheld Bluetooth RFID Reader features read-write capability enabling workers to read tags from a distance of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet), and to write to tags from up to 0.5 meter (1.6 feet). It has been extensively tested for durability, the company reports, and can survive multiple drops onto concrete from a height of 1.5 meters (5 feet) and 1,000 tumbles at 1 meter (3.3 feet). What's more, CipherLab adds, the reader is IP64-rated, ensuring its protection against harsh conditions. The company will demonstrate the reader in Booth 1417 at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012, being held next week in Orlando, Fla.

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