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Rush Tracking Systems Acquires ShockWatch Equipment-Monitoring Division

With this acquisition, the company has adopted a new name—TotalTrax—and will now offer a complete solution that can track not only a forklift's location and cargo, but also its driver's identity and any collisions that may occur.
By Claire Swedberg
Oct 10, 2011Rush Tracking Systems, a provider of warehouse inventory-management solutions based in Kansas City, Kans., has purchased the equipment-monitoring product line of ShockWatch, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Recovery Inc. The terms of the acquisition have yet to be disclosed. According to the companies, ShockWatch will now focus exclusively on its shipping and handling and cold-chain product lines, designed to deter mishandling, reduce damage and related costs, and reveal weak links within a supply chain.

The acquisition follows Rush Tracking Systems' purchase of optical technology firm Sky-Trax Inc. (see Rush Tracking Systems Merges With Sky-Trax). As a result of its merger with Sky-Trax, Rush Tracking Systems has also announced that it has adopted a new name: TotalTrax.

TotalTrax will remain based in Kansas City, while its ShockWatch equipment-monitoring division will continue to sell its FleetControl Manager sensor systems from its plant in Graham, Texas, operating for approximately a year under its existing name, then as part of the TotalTrax solution. Sky-Trax, meanwhile, will continue operating out of Delaware.

Prior to the ShockWatch acquisition, TotalTrax's product line already consisted of Rush Tracking Systems' VisiblEdge RFID-based technology solution for tracking pallets and the goods loaded onto them, as well as Sky-Trax's optical technology, which tracks forklifts' locations within a warehouse. ShockWatch's Impact Manager products employ Wi-Fi-based RFID and wireless sensor technology, enabling a company to capture any forklift impacts that may occur (resulting from a collision with a crate, rack or other item), identify when a forklift or vehicle is involved in an accident, and manage forklift drivers by requiring them to log in and identify themselves before the system will allow their forklifts to operate.

With this acquisition, says Toby Rush, previously the CEO of Rush Tracking Systems, and now TotalTrax's president, the company can provide a complete solution to track any forklift collisions, the identity of a particular vehicle's operator, and the location of a forklift and its cargo as it moves around a warehouse. Michael Kinnard, who had served as the CEO of Sky-Trax, and of the merged Rush Tracking Systems and Sky-Trax, has now been appointed TotalTrax's CEO.

ShockWatch has been providing impact sensor technology for the shipping and warehouse industries since 1976. Initially, the company embedded sensors into a label affixed directly onto products being shipped.

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