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RFID News Roundup

Omni-ID, Extronics sign RFID global partnership agreement; RF Code announces wireless air-pressure sensor; Terso Solutions launches new RFID-enabled fridge; Micro-ID intros glass RFID tag for animal tracking; SkyBitz developing Dash7-compliant product; FIME to deliver NFC Forum certification; TagMaster collaborates with Siemens Mobility for vehicle detection.
SkyBitz Developing New Dash7-Compliant Product
SkyBitz, a provider of satellite-based asset-tracking and information-management services, has announced membership in the Dash7 Alliance, an industry group working to expand the use of active RFID technology based on the ISO 18000-7 standard (also known as Dash7). As a member of the Dash7 Alliance, SkyBitz will work with more than 50 member organizations worldwide to advance the development of the Dash7 standard, as well as integrate Dash7 technology into its latest global products. The company is actively developing the SkyBitz Galaxy Series GTP2000, which will include Dash7 technology. SkyBitz partnered with a provider of ISO 18000-7 technology that will enable the GTP2000 to be compliant with the Dash7 standard and also ensure interoperability with other Dash7 devices, according to company spokesman Chris Leach, who adds that his firm is unable to share the partner's name at this time. The Galaxy Series GTP2000, expected to become commercially available in the latter half of 2011, will be a global, two-way, remote asset-tracking and -monitoring solution, the company reports, combining satellite-based tracking and RFID-based local-area telematics. It is designed to help organizations maintain visibility in the global supply chain, or to keep track of any other remote unpowered assets, such as heavy equipment or ISO tank containers. Data from the RFID tags will be integrated with other location-based information through SkyBitz's InSight, a Web-based monitoring and information-management tool. If outside the range of RFID networks, the GTP2000 will transmit its data via Iridium's satellite constellation.

FIME to Deliver NFC Forum Certification
FIME, a provider of consulting and market-integration services for Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions, has announced that it has achieved authorization from the NFC Forum to conduct the required tests that will confirm a device's compliance to the organization's technical specifications, and attain certification from the industry body. The NFC Forum is an association promoting the adoption of NFC 13.56 MHz RFID technology. Late last year, it launched a certification program to support industry interoperability and provide device behavior assurances within the marketplace (see RFID News Roundup: NFC Forum Launches Certification Program, Publishes Four Specs). As an authorized NFC Forum Laboratory, FIME can now work with device manufacturers to enable them to achieve industry certification for their products, thereby allowing them to use and display the N-Mark—a stylized letter N designed to help consumers locate embedded NFC tags, and to indicate the spot at which an NFC device can read an NFC tag to establish a connection (see RFID News Roundup: NFC Forum Unveils N-Mark for Tags). Only companies with products that pass NFC Forum certification testing are able to display the N-Mark on their devices. FIME's ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in Asia and Europe have been approved by the NFC Forum to provide certification testing. Since November 2010, the organization has authorized 16 labs (including FIME). The group's certification program will advance as technical specifications evolve, FIME indicates, with the next phase expected to be released in 2012. In addition to becoming an authorized laboratory for current certification, FIME reports that it is actively contributing to the completion of the next phase, by delivering technical writing services.

TagMaster Collaborates With Siemens Mobility for Vehicle Detection
TagMaster, a Swedish manufacturer of RFID solutions for rail and transportation applications, has announced that Siemens Mobility, a provider of advanced design and technology to manage the increasing complexities of modern traffic, will use TagMaster's 2.45 GHz long-range RFID readers and ID tags as part of its solution for traffic management and selective vehicle detection (SVD). TagMaster's readers and semi-passive ID tags will be presented as part of the SVD solution, also referred to as a "green-flow" solution—a system designed to give selected vehicles priority during heavy traffic situations, and to work in conjunction with traffic signals, explains Bo Tiderman, TagMaster's CEO. The Seimens Mobility solution leverages TagMaster's readers mounted on poles at traffic stops, as well as ID tags that can be mounted on a vehicle's windshield; each semi-passive tag has a unique ID number associated with the equipped vehicle, and can be read an unlimited number of times, at a suitably long distance and at traffic speed. For example, when a police car with an ID tag responds to an emergency, that vehicle can be given a green light at RFID-enabled crossings in order to arrive at its destination quicker. Public transportation vehicles can also be given priority; when a tagged public bus arrives at a red light, a certain level of priority is introduced into the system to give the bus a green light quicker. "This is definitely a growing thing in many cities trying to handle a growing and more congested traffic situation, but it is also to minimize pollution," Tiderman states. "The good thing about using long-range RFID for this, as compared to today's solutions where detectors are installed under the surface in the traffic lane, is that the installation of RFID readers will all be aboveground, using existing poles. There will be no stopping of traffic for installation or maintenance while the road is being dug up." Large vehicle fleets can be equipped with TagMaster's RFID products as part of the Siemens SVD solution, the companies report, in order to provide a fleet owner with reliable, accurate and up-to-date information regarding the location of all vehicles within that fleet. The solution will be presented at the Traffex trade show, being held this week in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


Jack Hurdle 2011-04-01 07:57:45 AM
EarthSearch Vehicle Fleet Tracking A lot of new information and new ideas are being developed; it's always amazing, to me, the speed in which new ideas are becoming realized. At EarthSearch we are already tracking fleets, however, without the need for readers being installed at intersections. We could come up with a solution similar to Siemens using real-time GPS data.

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