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A Good RFID Education Can Boost Adoption and Payback

End users will find that a well-executed e-learning program can make the difference between an RFID project that thrives, and one that fails.
By Leslie Downey
Dec 27, 2010There is a growing consensus that radio frequency identification will one day have a dramatic impact on global industry and commerce. In fact, the technology is already beginning to have an impact—reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions by driving operational efficiencies—for those organizations adopting it. Overall adoption, however, is occurring slowly. At RFID Revolution, we are convinced that one of the main reasons for this slow growth is the generally low level of RFID knowledge among end-user organizations, and even among many solution providers.

As a provider of Web-based RFID education, our company has interviewed dozens of end-user organizations over the past few years regarding how they learn about RFID as part of their project-planning process. In so doing, we have found a remarkable degree of consistency. Most of these organizations start with a small project, assigned to a cross-disciplinary team. In most cases, few—if any—of the team members or other stakeholders obtained a working knowledge of RFID before planning their project. What was missing was a broad understanding of the different types of hardware, middleware and standards, the typical applications in various environments, how to measure an application's contribution to an enterprise, including identifying key performance metrics, and how to systematically plan and implement a pilot.

This deficit of foundational knowledge can have numerous negative consequences:
• People are ill-prepared to identify the tremendous variety of potential RFID applications within their enterprise.
• Project teams fail to reach a timely consensus about how best to employ the technology within the organization.
• Project leaders fail to secure management approval to fund projects.
• Organizations occasionally select the wrong technology for a particular application, as well as the wrong vendor.

Unable to achieve success and a return on investment from their company's RFID project, the team may decide to abandon it altogether, or may remain stuck in the weeds. Meanwhile, other potential applications go unrecognized.


Wickel liu 2011-01-06 06:12:08 PM
a good guide for the rfid training it is really kind to guide guys to know that training is very important for the rfid dramaticly spreading to every field.

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