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How to Implement RFID Successfully

Select radio frequency identification as a solution only when its capabilities provide an immediate or projected benefit to a process that makes it more effective than choosing another technology.
By Bill Poulsen
Install Ethernet and power runs near the reader mount point and test them prior to installing a system. Take care to secure all cabling neatly and securely, in order to prevent damage and safety issues.

9. System Testing
An RFID system is not complete until it has been integrated and tested with any software applications it is expected to operate with, and until its intended users have operated it. Include ample time to test and troubleshoot the system before going live. Involve all stakeholders and, most important, the everyday users of the system. When testing, use real-world scenarios whenever possible, to verify that the system requirements have been met.

10. The Bottom Line...
In short, a successful RFID project requires the following:
1. Setting reasonable expectations
2. Understanding and designing a system to implement your company's desired process
3. Defining and agreeing upon the system requirements
4. Collecting and analyzing the necessary site data
5. Integrating various technologies smoothly
6. Selecting the proper tags
7. Understanding the system's data needs
8. Properly installing and setting up equipment
9. Planning adequate time for testing and changes
10. Documenting the lessons learned from each new RFID project

Following the above steps will help make your RFID integration project flow smoother, and will also provide a baseline of knowledge for each new project.

RFID technology can provide you with increased efficiency, security and visibility into your business processes, and it can make your business more profitable—but only when implemented smartly.

Bill Poulsen is the director of RFID systems at Barcoding Inc., a national systems integrator specializing in the development, deployment and management of supply chain and mobility systems based on automated identification and data capture (AIDC) technology. More than 2,500 organizations depend on Barcoding Inc. for assistance with their bar-coding, RFID and wireless applications to automate operations in field service, food and beverages, health care, manufacturing and distribution, retail, transportation, logistics and wholesale inventory.


Yalani Camara 2010-11-13 06:05:12 PM
How can I interface RFID with Web site I would like to know how to integrate RFID to interface with Web Pages. Thank you, Yalani
Stockare RFID Solutions 2016-09-02 07:16:46 AM
Nice article Bill, you explained everything in detail! Thank you. Yalami, you can add a website interface to a RFID system, if you connect the RFID reader to your web server, then you could display all the readings at a website. If you want to see an example of it, let me know. Thank you.

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