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RFID World 2008 Announcement Wrap-Up, Part 1 of 2

This week's RFID World 2008 conference in Las Vegas saw a handful of announcements from the vendors at the show. This recap is the first of our two-part series wrapping up those announcements. Tomorrow we'll publish the rest.
Sep 10, 2008This article was originally published by RFID Update.

September 10, 2008—This week's RFID World conference in Las Vegas saw a handful of announcements from the vendors at the show. The recap below is the first of our two-part series wrapping up those announcements. Tomorrow we'll publish the rest.
  • Security solutions provider Verayo unveiled what it describes as the world's first unclonable silicon RFID chip, the Vera X512. The chips are based on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) technology, which provides each unit with a unique "electronic fingerprint." Other devices can't be disguised as the original chip, even if data is copied from one chip to another. The chips are ISO 14443-A compatible, and include a 64-bit unique tag ID and 512-bit one-time programmable memory. More information here.
  • Motorola has added a number of new RFID readers and international certifications to its product portfolio. The European R1 version of the MC9090-G RFID Handheld Reader is compliant with the current ETSI 302 208 standards, and will be available in mid-September. The company also announced a global firmware upgrade for its XR fixed RFID readers that integrates a low-level reader protocol (LLRP) interface for simpler implementation. The upgrade, available in October, is targeted for the XR440, XR450 and XR480 readers. In addition, the Motorola RD5000 mobile RFID reader is now certified for use in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore, and will be certified for China and Taiwan by the end of the year. See the full release.
  • Specialty packaging supplier Sealed Air Corporation has selected Blue Spark Technologies' thin, flexible batteries as a core component of its TurboTag RFID-enabled time and temperature monitoring and data logging solution. The "active packaging" sensor solution can track and record temperatures in real time for cold chain quality control and maintenance applications. Read the release here.
  • The MetaFi RFID Application Service from SkyeTek is a hosted field inventory application that can provide inventory visibility for direct-store-delivery (DSD), vendor managed inventory (VMI), and other field service applications using RFID and other wireless technologies. Users can collect and analyze real-time data from field representatives and remotely located smart containers using mobile and fixed RFID readers. See the full release here.
  • ThingMagic showcased the integration of its Mercury RFID technology with a number of its channel partners. Featured products included cold storage door provider Jamison Door's heavy-duty RFID portals; Lexmark's RFID UHF Laser Option, a printer drawer for the T64x laser printer with an embedded RFID reader for printing and programming labels; PANMOBIL's RFID-enabled SCANNDYgun handheld bar code reader; Seeonic's SmartWatch, a self-contained retail shelf that provides inventory updates; and Venture Research's RFID portal systems. More information here.
  • Alien Technology demonstrated its Higgs-3 Gen2 RFID Integrated Circuit, now available in two inlays: the ALN-9640 Squiggle and the ALN-9662 Squiggle-SH. The Squiggle is the Higgs-3 version of Alien's general-purpose tag, while Squiggle-SH has a smaller form factor. Alien plans to roll out additional Higgs-3 tags in the next few months. Alien also displayed the Intelligent Tag Radar (ITR) software for its ALR-990, ALR-9800 and ALR-8800 Enterprise-Class readers. The software provides information about the velocity and position of tags, as well as the contents of tag memory. See the complete announcement.
  • The Active NOW RFID system from iDTRONIC is an active RFID solution that uses existing WiFi networks to provide real-time tracking for a variety of applications. The system includes a WiFi Controller; a Range Expander that can expand the read range of tags up to 700 meters in open areas; the 2.4 GHz Active NOW Tag Controller; and three versions of the 2.45 GHz Active Tags -- Active Now Read Only (available in two water-resistant IP65 packages), a Motion Sensor Tag, and a Temperature Sensor Tag. Find more information here.
  • Choctaw is a new multi-directional RFID tag for large box and pallet tagging applications from RFidium. The tag has a read range of 6 meters, and is engineered for box and pallet tagging in multiple orientation scenarios. The aluminum antenna inlay is compliant with WEEE and RoHS environmental requirements. Read the release here.
  • Axcess International demonstrated its new Dot Micro-Wireless tagging platform with long-range "pick to light" capabilities. Tagged goods and assets can now be located in large groups and from a distance using pick-to-light visual indicators. EPC Gen2 compliant handheld readers are utilized to command the light on a specific tag to activate, making it easier for users to locate a specific item. More information here.
  • KSW Microtec AG has released an enhanced version of its VarioSens label, which features an integrated temperature sensor. The label contains an RFID chip with a unique identification number and a configurable read/write memory. Users can program customer data, product information and addresses into the label and monitor temperatures with variable time stamps. See the release.
  • Impinj has formed a partnership with Terso Solutions, under which the company will provide Speedway readers and antennas for Terso's RFID-enabled medical cabinets. The cabinet system combines UHF Gen2-based RFID with network connectivity for item-level inventory management of biological samples, reagents, Class II pharmaceuticals and other materials. Read the release here.
  • RF Code has received certification from IBM Tivoli for its Zone Manager integration module. The module provides real-time asset inventory, location and wireless sensor data to IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT. More information here.
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