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Omni-ID Offers New Product Family With BLE, LoRaWAN

The first two Sense active IoT products to be launched help users locate assets and inventory in large industrial settings—across wide areas such as an outdoor yard, an oil and gas site or a factory—while active sensor tags will be released later this year.
By Claire Swedberg
Feb 10, 2020

As Internet of Things (IoT) applications expand, ruggedized UHF RFID technology company Omni-ID has been developing a new family of products that provide long-range transmission, as well as condition monitoring, using low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) transmission—in the form of LoRaWAN technology—and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The new products are being designed to expand read ranges and provide alerting and sensor data, depending on a customer's particular needs.

The company is releasing its Sense products in two families: Condition Monitoring and Locate for asset management and logistics. Two Locate products are now being released, with three Condition Monitoring devices expected to be launched this spring, according to Tony Kington, Omni-ID's CEO. The newly released Sense Locate Kinetic and Sense Locate Position will provide asset management and logistics management in large yards, warehouses or factories.

The Sense Locate Kinetic (top) and Sense Locate Position (bottom)
Sense Locate Position leverages GPS positioning data and LoRa transmissions to provide the locations of assets across large areas. The device's built-in movement sensor enables it to detect when the asset to which it is attached is being moved, and can then transmit that activity and its position to a server as the device moves. Its read distance of multiple miles means a few access points can cover a large area in oil and gas, defense or construction.

For indoor environments, Omni-ID's Sense Locate Kinetic employs BLE to serve such applications as warehouse or manufacturing sites. Sense Locate Kinetic transmits data with a battery-powered beacon and includes an antenna that can read and transmit up to a range of more than 200 meters (656 feet).

The Sense Locate Kinetic also contains a movement sensor and accelerometer, and it can detect the presence of metal to allow for a degree of tamper-proofing. For instance, if the sensor device is removed from a metal asset, the sensor will detect that action and the Locate Kinetic can then beacon an alert. Both asset-management devices can be used with a real-time location system (RTLS) platform.

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