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Construction Site Solution Pairs RFID and Video

Triax is teaming up with EarthCam to employ the latter's video-capture technology at construction site entrance points, thereby creating an automated link between a worker's ID number and video of that individual, with the goal of boosting safety and security.
By Claire Swedberg

With Spot-r technology, builders can control the time and date on which individuals or contracting companies can be permitted onsite. If a worker arrives on a date or at a time at which he or she is not allowed, the turnstile will not grant that person entry and an alert can be prompted. With the EarthCam partnership, users can link that information to video or still photos, Fraser says, and thus have multiple tools on hand to help prevent safety incidents or security problems.

Spot-r consists of 900 MHz active proprietary RFID sensors about the size of a traditional beeper, as well as receivers known as nodes. The sensor devices, each of which comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can be worn by a worker, with the unique ID number encoded in the device linked to that individual's identification in the software. The sensors also come with altimeters, an accelerometer and a gyroscope to identify a person's movements, direction and impact in case of a fall. Each device contains an infrared sensor as well, to confirm that it is being worn.

EarthCam's Brian Cury
The nodes, which are installed around a worksite or at the entrance gate, are about half the size of a typical lunchbox. They can receive transmissions from sensors at a distance of up to 1,000 feet in an open environment or 200 feet in a dense, indoor environment. The nodes operate in a mesh network, with some using a cellular connection to forward data to Triax's cloud-based server and dashboard, where software can integrate that information with a company's project-management software.

Typically, each sensor is set to beacon every 12 seconds. Its transmission is then received by up to four of the closest receivers. By integrating with EarthCam's video data, Fraser notes, the technology now provides visualization. One or more EarthCam cameras are installed at the worksite entrance gate, constantly collecting video, which is stored on EarthCam's cloud-based server.

When a worker wearing a sensor arrives onsite, the Triax nodes capture that data and track the individual as he or she passes through the gate. In the event that an irregularity occurs, such as the same employee's Spot-r sensor going through the gate repeatedly, an alert can be issued to management. At any time, managers or other authorized parties can view data about a specific event and access camera footage from EarthCam's video software, taken while the worker's tag was being read.

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