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Sales Up By 40 Percent for New York Venues With RFID Wristband

Billfold POS's HF RFID-based solution allows concert-goers to make credit card payments for food, beverages and merchandise at Brooklyn Mirage and similar venues, thereby reducing payment times to less than five seconds and reducing or eliminating queues.
By Claire Swedberg

Data being captured also enables marketing, Naughton says. Since users link their ID number and e-mail address with the wristband, their sales history can be collected and targeted advertising could then be sent to them. For instance, if an individual were to purchase a specific brand of liquor on a regular basis, that person's location and habits could be provided to product brands looking to target him or her. The system also enables venues to view how specific employees are performing, since the software stores information about each sale, including who conducted the transaction, what was served, how much was sold and what tip percentages were.

Billfold POS's Stas Chijik
Billfold POS has sold its solution at 400 events throughout the past three years, Chijik says. The company is working with some ticketing partners on an integrated solutions, by which ticket buyers could opt in to use a credit card for purchases as they buy their tickets. Billfold POS also offers a hybrid version of its system with a wristband using 4ID Solution's dual HF and UHF RFID tag, so that the HF function could be used for payments, while UHF could be utilized for access or location tracking with a longer read range.

The company is speaking with a resort in Utah, for instance, about using the hybrid system so it can track the movements of individuals throughout the resort, whether they access towels at the pool or gym, or simply open their locked door. Another application could be to track the stages around which concert-goers congregate, in order to determine who is attracted to certain bands or genres, such as hip hop or electronica, and then compare that data with fans' drink preferences. That information enables cross-promotion.

Billfold POS employs seven developers and releases software updates once a week. Working with smaller venues enables releases to be tested immediately, Chijik says. In that way, he adds, "We're able to ramp up and develop features a lot faster [than those serving stadium-sized venues]. We're not waiting for the next big festival. We have mini-festivals weekly."

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