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Address Your Child's Security Better With IoT Tracking Devices

Safety is a crucial aspect that must not be compromised at any cost.
By Sanjeev Verma
Jun 19, 2019

A child, when born, changes our whole world. Many call it the most life-changing experience ever. A baby's birth is equal to allowing a piece of your heart to walk independently out of your body. For such a precious being, we take all the steps to ensure its safety and security. Our ever-changing world makes child safety the number-one concern for any parent. Roads, malls, gardens, schools and even our own homes—nothing is 100 percent secure. The reasons and the degree of danger to a child may vary from one to the next, but they are always present.

A matter which requires immediate attention finds solutions with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). This innovative technology has come up with multiple solutions. While tracking devices such as wearables enhance child safety, they are not the only option available for alert and concerned parents. For any parent wondering "How would an IoT-driven solution work for my child?", read on.

As a society, we have evolved technologically. But that does not mean that we should hand over a cellular device to an infant. To begin with, that would be impractical and a tad excessive. We would be raising tech-obsessed teen zombies who would emerge only to feed themselves and charge their devices.

IoT devices, on the other hand, surround a child and make his or her safety a hassle-free endeavor. As a bonus, these devices exist in the background and do not distract kids from their regular activities. Children can enjoy their childhood with activities like playing outdoors or indoors, as well as studies and art. Many IoT devices now come in the form of wearables of different types, and they share real-time data to an individual concerned with activities, including information required in the unfortunate case of an abduction, as well as the child's location and health condition. They can also indicate a toddler's fall and bowel movements, and more.

Amber Alert: Now Technically More Savvy
Kids, preteens and teens, no matter what their age is, commute to and fro; from school or college to extracurricular classes, it's a matter of concern. For any parents, it is a priority to ensure the safe commute of their ward. In the extreme case of kidnapping, Amber Alert often comes to their aid. But, with IoT-enabled wearables, this mammoth task becomes a bit easier for the agencies involved.

One worry that parents may have about IoT-enabled wearables is, "How safe are they for my child's body?" IoT-driven devices are created with utmost care. No risk of radiation or other harmful vibration will affect a child. His or her welfare, either in or out of a safe environment, continues to be a priority.

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