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Educational Advice to Businesses Trading Abroad

The associated implications of the Internet of Things mean greater data and the capacity for both individuals and machinery to communicate on a wider basis.
By Marcus Turner Jones
Jul 02, 2017

In recent years, the advancement of the Internet age and the rise of e-commerce have seen huge growth in the logistics industry. Companies such as Netherlands-based delivery giants TNT have experienced enormous growth, which has led to a rise in such services existing, connecting businesses all over the globe.

As part of an initiative started by the FedEx-TNT merger, announced last year, the strategy for acquiring new overseas contracts has led to the logistics company offering some advice about maintaining productive relations. Offering services to more than 36 countries, TNT says keeping a focus on emerging needs is the way to build strong working relationships.

How Will the Internet of Things Affect e-Commerce?
We have never been more global than we currently are, with the Internet age seeing a rise in both e-commerce and associated logistics delivery services. The advancement of the Internet of Things offers an increase in connectivity, meaning that even people in the most remote and far-flung places can access the Internet and be a part of the e-commerce revolution, essentially enabling anyone anywhere to connect through anything (such as watches, coffee machines and other digital devices we all use daily). The associated implications of the IoT mean greater data and the capacity for both individuals and machinery to communicate on a wider basis. This will mean more refined delivery schedules and logistics solutions.

How Will Brexit Affect Business Relationships?
The consensus is that Brexit will have a negative impact on trading within the European Union, and TNT's custom base is primarily EU-based. It offers freight services across the globe, and regularly works with companies in various countries as their main courier service. Last year, the company expanded in Spain, and is now offering coverage to more than 90 percent of the country. Since Spain is one of the EU's fastest-growing economies, this is a smart move on behalf of TNT, as EU relations are thrown into flux.

Since there is speculation about the state of EU trading post-Brexit, there has never been a more poignant time for businesses to be focusing on their relationship building and business etiquette. Leading new business relationships and maintaining existing ones are effectively what business is all about, and using some basic business etiquette rules will help to achieve good relations.

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