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Improving In-Store Productivity, Security and the Customer Experience

The Senseon Secure Access system is designed to reduce shrinkage, enhance customer service and retain the showroom's edge over online shopping.
By Greg Rewers
Nov 27, 2016

The traditional lock and key have had their day.

Hard to track, easy to lose and vulnerable to misuse, the old lock and key have given retailers plenty of headaches. To make matters worse, this dated form of security is falling further and further behind the times. The 2016 National Retail Security Survey saw almost half of surveyed retailers report increased losses to theft. Because of that vulnerability, retailers often keep their most valuable merchandise in back-room inventory or in cabinets accessible only by a special key.

This, in turn, can damage the customer experience. An associate may spend precious amounts of a customer's time and patience sorting through back-room inventory, or searching for a manager with that key. Too much time searching can mean a lost sale. And what if the associate can't even find the item? That's a customer lost.

The Senseon Secure Access system was created to solve these problems. Retailers no longer have to secure inventory in stockrooms, impeding sales processes. Instead of leaving a sales floor to retrieve an item, associates can find inventory in easy-to-access cabinets while still remaining in contact with the customer. Associates also no longer have to scramble to find a manager with the right key to access desired inventory. That means shorter wait times, boosting sales and overall customer experience.

The Senseon system combines drawer slides from Accuride International with RFID technology into a seamless access-control solution. The system supports up to five people with administrative control and 100 users. A user can open or lock a Senseon-protected entry with the simple tap of an RFID card or fob, and the technology can protect up to 15 drawers and doors simultaneously.

Effortless to install and hidden from view, the system can be easily incorporated into new retail store designs, or be retrofitted and customized to existing ones. This seamless integration allows retailers to preserve their carefully designed store environments. That's critical, as retailers devote tremendous resources to turning their showrooms into places that consumers want to visit. Consumers seek retail "experiences" over simple purchase transactions. For the physical store to remain relevant, retailers need to adapt to consumer preferences.

The heavy, visible presence of locks and security can distract the customer from the shopping experience. Well-integrated RFID technology makes all that go away. The Senseon unified system can be integrated with cabinet drawers or doors of any design, size and shape. This is exactly what business owners, designers and executives are searching for—the technology becomes a key part of their infrastructure.

Retailers and other businesses can learn more about the Senseon Secure Access system by visiting www.senseonsecure.com. Those interested can contact Senseon's staff by phone at +1 (800) 688-8242 or by email at senseoninfo@accuride.com.

Greg Rewers is the solutions marketing director at Senseon Secure Access.

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Wiliam W 2016-11-28 04:33:31 AM
great Article! I'm a bit obsessed by productivity! I just read a "similar" one here below : http://hotlifetips.com/how-to-keep-yourself-productive-rather-than-just-busy/ a bit far from RFID technology but stay intersting as well! thanks for a such information!

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