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SportLife Tracks Athletic Shoes, Apparel

The Colombian retailer is using APES' hosted cloud-based RFID solution, which is designed to make installation easy and inexpensive.
By Claire Swedberg

To date, SportLife has used the data specifically for reducing labor times and ensuring that inventory remains accurate, and that products are thus available where a customer needs them, thereby increasing sales. The retailer could also use the Silverback software to better understand which inventory is selling most, or least, in order to make other decisions about products sold at its stores.

"For now, we intend to use RFID as a control mechanism only [for ensuring inventory was in visible and in-stock]," Beltran states. "In the future, the idea is to make it the focus of analysis and have all the information to make all the decisions related to inventory."

At the exit to SportLife's distribution center (above), as well as at each store's entrance (below), APES installed a Jamison RFID portal, with an Alien reader that captures the tag ID numbers of all goods being shipped by the DC.

Andres Botero, APES' chief sales officer and co-founder, says the SaaS approach is intended to make installations faster and more affordable for retailers. "What we discovered was that RFID was not too successful" for many retailers, he explains, "because of the way it was being sold." Too many companies offer just tags, readers or software integration, he adds, making the process not only confusing for end users, but costly.

APES charges a monthly fee based on the number of units being tagged and tracked. That fee encompasses all hardware, including the tags, along with the server-based data.

In addition, APES has installed the Jungle technology at the sites of several other Colombia companies. These include a leather-goods manufacturer (for monitoring work-in-progress at its factory), an aeronautical firm, a drug maker (for tracking pharmaceutical products), a hotel (for managing linens and fixed assets) and a transportation company (for tracking tires).

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