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RFID Brought Security to G20 Summit in Turkey

At last year's conference site, an EPC UHF RFID system confirmed the identity of each of the 60,000 attendees.
By Claire Swedberg

Each of the 60,000 participants (with the exception of each country's president or leader) carried an RFID identification card with his or her own name and picture printed on the front. The EPC UHF RFID chip embedded in the PVC-covered badge was encoded with a unique ID number linked to that individual's name and picture in DDesign's software, residing on a dedicated onsite server. DDesign mounted an LCD digital screen above each portal, facing security staff members who stood inside the facility to greet arriving guests.

As each attendee walked through the portal, the reader captured the ID number of that person's card, prompting his or her name and picture to be displayed on the LCD screen. Security personnel viewed that image and visually compared it with the individual walking through the portal to confirm that person's identity.

Each attendee was issued an ID badge containing an RFID inlay made with an Impinj Monza 4 chip.
Security employees equipped with iPads mounted on uGrokit handhelds could walk near a group of people and view the images and names of all those within read range of the device, displayed on their iPad. This provided a level of security so that workers could, for instance, confirm who was in the area and who might need to be spoken to or removed for security reasons, or simply confirm who was present in a higher-security area—for instance, in close proximity to world leaders.

DDesign's Ali Mahmut
DDesign designed the doors and portals to enable the reading of tags beginning in late summer, ahead of the summit. Following several months of testing, Mahmut says, DDesign was certain that the technology would provide 100 percent coverage without requiring any entering dignitaries to be stopped and questioned. A team of technicians were onsite throughout the summit, he adds, though the system worked without requiring any intervention.

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