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Kiev Shopping Center Tests Leantegra's RTLS-Beacon Solution

Art Mall is testing a system that employs Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technologies to track the locations of shoppers and merchandise, in order to provide a variety of services.
By Claire Swedberg

Using the hybrid solution, Leantegra's customers can accomplish two goals: tracking consumers' locations and sending content to their phones or tablets. The system is able to pinpoint the real-time locations of PowerMote wearers to the mall's operator and stores, thereby enabling the retailers and mall to better understand how shoppers move around the facility, where they do or do not visit, and how long they dwell at each spot. That information can also be paired to point-of-sale data derived from a retailer's own software.

By building in beacon functionality, the system also offers content to consumers. While walking about the mall, a shopper can receive beacon-triggered transmissions on his or her mobile phone via the Leantegra app. The phone app will then display content specific to that user's location, such as promotions for a store in the vicinity or a coupon.

The mall is loaning a limited number of PowerMote wristbands to its shoppers.
The mall has installed 17 PowerBeacon prototypes on the ceiling across an area spanning approximately 27,000 square feet.

For the pilot, Art Mall is loaning a limited number of PowerMote wristbands to its shoppers. The mall intends to use these devices to help users track children or other individuals, though this function has not yet started. "This is a handy solution for teachers or parents that need to control groups of children," explains Val Chekalkin, Leantegra's CMO. Each child wears a PowerMote wristband that transmits its unique ID number at preset intervals via a UWB signal. The PowerBeacons receive those signals and send the transmission-related data to the CVO Portal, where Leantegra software determines the wristband's exact location and displays it on the portal's dashboard, for viewing by mall management. A parent or teacher, for example, can download the mall's app, which connects to the Leantegra location-based software, and link the specific wristband IDs of their children. Teachers and parents will be able to use the app to set up an alert that they can receive on their phone in the event that a child's wristband leaves or enters a specific area.

The PowerMote UWB and BLE devices can also be attached to products, such as electronics on display. This would allow a retailer to view the number of times that a product was moved, based on its UWB location data, and thus how often it was being viewed by a customer.

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